Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We've got a sick-o in the house

It's almost 3am here, and I am up, standing over Landons crib giving him medicine. I am so sad for my sweet little boy who has what Alli calls "a bug", (just recently I had to explain to her that when she has a bug it just means a "spot" in her chest not an actual creepy crawler) Anyway, I took Landon in to the doctors Sunday afternoon after three days of a yucky cough because his chest was really tight and I could hear wheezing all up in there. So the poor thing had a pulseox under 90, (we want it to be 95-100) so they gave him his first treatment. they just let him suck on the bottle part of the neb, it seemed to clear up most of the wheezing and after two scripts and a shot of antibots we were on our way home. But Monday afternoon, he seemed to be worse, I wasn't able to keep him occupied long enough to take a 15 minute treatment, so I took him in again, this time Ken showed up from work to sit up there with me, his PO was in the lower 90s but not quite good enough, so they wanted us to give him another treatment while we were there. This time though, they wanted him to wear the mask and they wanted us to hold him down. Oh, this was hard for me, Ken on the other hand was very calm, good thing opposites attract. I was mad of course (at the time) for them making us hold him down, as he tried to scream with all that was in him, (he doen't have much of a cry with the sore throat and all). After the treatment it went right up to 99 quick and I was happy that I was able to hold Landon and comfort him now. He fell right asleep.

My hope would be that this episode was just brought on by the bronchitis and nothing more. Although if he does end up with asthma like Alli, we know how to handle it and theres nothing cuter than a Christmas card picture of the whole family wearing dinosaur masks, huh?


Regina said...

Cameron has a runny nose and a very hoarse cry with lots of coughing, too. So maybe it's something going around and not asthma.

laura said...

If it makes you feel any better, Shell, I had to hold Dalton down at the Dr's office Monday also. Ours was for a shot to cure strep throat (I was right!). However, his soar throat did not affect his SCREAM for help while the nurse & I were holding him down to inject the meds. Isn't it just awful?

Angela said...

Oh, I haven't had to hold my kids down in a while for shots or medicine (thank you Jesus) but I remember it is horrible. Sorry your Landon is sick :(.

prissy chrissy said...

nate and aj have the same thing. nathan worse than aj. nathan is on the neb too. i have not had to hold him down yet, but your story makes me want to be very sure he is getting all he needs in every breathing treatment. i'll probably be up tonight with him again. maybe we can start a late night chat for us mom's with weezers.
i'm exausted.
on top of the sicknesses, aj has decided he doesn't want to take a nap. it's been three days of misery. is this the right age for him to give up naps. i can't handle it. i think i might go into depression if i don't get a minute to myself during the day.
Calgon take me away.

Sharron said...

OK...the Foster girls will be staying away from everyone's kids...we aren't sick here...thank the Lord! But I do remember the last time that we went to the doctor for Emma. Sarah made sure that everyone knew she was not the patient...and she would not be getting any shots.

Michelle said...

Okay the "Sick-o" article had huge reviews, no, its not as many as Regina gets, but I'm working on it, to my family out there, I know you're all there reading these day by day without any comments, go ahead, try it, leave a comment or two, if you too had a blog you would know the joy of recieving comments in return for all that hard work spent in front of the computer as the laundry pile gets higher and higher...Prissy Chrissy, I laughed out loud when I read the support group thing, as I'm sure you did as you typed it, I'm not kidding you guys I feel like I have this dorky household of asthmatics <--sp?, where we are all getting ready in the morning, and on the kitchen bar I neatly place out all their medications, I give Alli a treatment while I blow dry her hair, and Landon crawls all over her trying to get a hit of it himself :o), for Christmas I'm requesting pocket protectors for the four of us. About the nap thing, yes, I do remember that there was a several month span after Alli turned two that she stopped taking naps, I couldn't believe it, but its in the past and now she is back in the bed...sometimes, I suppose it depends on how much activity she had for the day, I'll be praying for your sanity, as you should do for mine as well :), Sharron! Sharron Foster? Is that you? Girl, where have you been since I became a blogger? I noticed you have made comments on Regina's every now and then, and I have just been waiting for the day you comment on mine, I'm so glad you made it...now give us your blog address, you can't hide it any more :)

Regina said...

Chrissy, my experience was to keep trying every day on the nap. When Sean was that age he fought me, but I made him at least lay down for a while, but now he's gone back to napping every day. I could tell he really needed it and I need it too! Remember you're the mother and you know better than him! ;)

prissy chrissy said...

this is a seriously needed support group. i tried getting aj to nap today, and thankfully we got an hour of quiet time, but, unfortunately, no nap. i'll keep trying. your encouragement keeps me pressing on. whew, i'm relieved to know the kids get back to napping at some point. i think i'll take a chill pill and slow down on the panic attacks. regina, angela, sharron, laura, i have no blog space, but where are yours. let me know.
i've secretly stolen michelle's space for my mother support group. i wish i had faster internet so i could be as cool as everyone else and have pretty pictures of my precious children. oh well, maybe someday. i'll put it on my wish list.
hmm, i want two front teeth and high speed internet. that's about it for my christmas list. hey, isn't someone's birthday coming up. isn't it a birthday week or was it the entire month that belongs to angela and michelle?
love this blogging stuff.