Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yea!!!! Ken & I have been married five years today! I've been thinking about him all day just waiting for the phone call...but as of 2:47pm nothing yet. However he did send me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they smell great too! Thank You Honey! Ken is on vacation in Canada killing things, if you are wondering why he hasn't called.

I loved everything about our wedding. It all seemed to be so perfect, thanks to a lot of help from those who LOVE us. Probably more now then they did when they were running errands for the wedding that Ken and I should have been doing ourselves. Thank You to all my friends this week who have kept me busy so that my loneliness wouldn't get the best of me.

I love him so much! Heres a little sneak at our cards that we gave to eachother on our wedding day.... I know what you're thinking, I can't believe she is going to let us read those, yes they are personal because they were our last words to eachother (in writing) before we spoke to eachother at our wedding...but these words are precious to me, and made me so happy just to read them again, so enjoy!


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing! Alot has changed in 5 years...congrats!

Regina said...

I thought it was funny Ken's note was pretty short and yours spilled all over the card! They were both so sweet!