Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sinus Crud

Well it hit me. The sinus crud that is. Yup, its sinus time. Am I boring anyone yet? Honestly I have nothing to blog about so this is it. Actually I finished reading Jen's blog about how she had nothing to say which actually turned out to be something said and then I realized how rediculous I must look to those passing by my playroom window. See I have a system for certain things that come my way and my system of operation for the sinus crud is as follows:

1. Complain about it
2. Complain about it a bit more
3. Explain how I never get sick
4. Actually take Kens advice and hit the medicine cabinet
5. Explain to Ken that medicine doesn't work
6. Complain about it some more
7. Stick tissue up my nose

Its the same thing everytime I "never get sick". This blog was completly boring and probably a waste of yours and my time, but you do get to see a really cute pic of me with Kleenex up my nose..bonus!


Angela said...

Note to self...don't ever put Kleenex in your nose when it is running. Okay, I did that Kleenex-in-the-nose thing the other night as I was sleeping. When Chad woke up he told me I still had it in my nose. I am sure that was attractive.

Anonymous said...

OK. hmmm. I have decided that you truly my funniest baby. I have to go now and change my... well nevermind, I'll just tell you I laughed so hard I peed. OK? there you have it. Love your very proud mommy. PS I would still show your tissue pic to people and say, "Is my baby pretty or what!"

Anonymous said...

Oh! I meant "truly are" correction.

Jennifer said...

So cute! I have the crud right now as well so I feel for you babe.