Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 Weeks Old!

Everyone is doing great here at the Jenkins II house! Alli and Landon seem to be adjusting just fine to the new little change. This boy is still sleeping like a champ and feedings are going great as well. The only complication seems to be that he wants to eat all of the time and takes forever to do so. It won't be long until he is on a bit of a schedule and eats more at one time and stays full I hope. I'm doing things just as I would with two. I'm out and about, doing things around town, the hardest part seems to be getting them all out of the car and back in, for some reason. I don't mind shopping with all of them but when it comes time to come and go it seems like it takes us forever. Or just as we are needing to leave Anderson will suddenly become hungry. I'm trying to be patient with it and stay away from formula because I know it will get better. He is staying awake and alert more often...he has started to make cute little noises when he eats...he isn't crazy about the swing or the bouncy seat...he still prefers our bed as opposed to his...his umbilical cord came off a couple of days ago...he now loves his bath time...he doen't like having his diaper changed but doesn't mind getting dressed...and his hand and feet are flaking away his first layer of skin. I'm feeling better everyday, more energy and I noticed that my eyes today finally were open and awake looking :) I am however missing time with my husband, but I'm dreading having to ask someone if they want to watch three kids at once, not to mention that one of them is a bit attached.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Week Old!

Our little boy is one week old already! He is quite the sleeper, sleeping 4 or 5 hours through the night. If he's not eating he's sleeping. He eats anywhere from 45 min to well over an hour at each feeding. Just today he started staying awake and alert for more than 10 minutes like before. He doesn't quite like being bathed just yet, that could be from the low water level because his umbilical cord is still on, but if he is anything like Landon he will soon love bath time. He has already been on his first outing, where else other than Starbucks. :) Ken and I took him there after a doctors appointment he had Monday. He has jaundice still that we are working on getting rid of by placing him in front of the window everyday. Yesterday I took all of the kids to another one of his doctors appointments, to Target and then to lunch with Ken. I thought why not do it now, this will be the rest of my life :) This is his little week old update, besides the small details I will say how much we love love love him!

Anderson Brady's Birth-Day

Anderson Brady Jenkins
8 lbs. 7 ounces
19 inches long
April 16, 2008
3:23 pm

This was my longest labor so far. Labor started Wednesday morning at 7:30 am and the baby was born that afternoon at 3:23 pm. Alli and Landon's labors were 3-4 hours less than Anderson, but boy was in worth the extra hours! I'm in love! :) Here we are just under an hour after his birth.

Alli was so excited to get her hands on her new brother.

Landon however, was not so impressed, the first couple of photos of them together Landon wanted nothing to do with him, this was day two.

My middle of the night feeding photo op.

Yea! Getting to go home, daddy carrying our wreath around his neck, someone in the waiting room ran up to us wanting to capture this moment.

Here he is the next day after being home all snuggled up on the couch, the boy sleeps everywhere but his bed for some reason, hmmm...

Today he is a week old, so when he wakes up gets a bath for the day I will post some week old pics of our new little boy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No thank you Hillary!

Well, I had my LAST doctors appointment today, praise the Lord!! As Ken and I were in the "little waiting room" before the doctor had come in, I was telling him what all I was looking forward to... Most moms would say, "Holding my new baby and looking into their eyes and just falling in love with each other." Me...not so much, oh yeah, don't get me wrong I can't wait to meet my new little guy and love on him like never before but I was thinking more along the lines of sleeping on my stomach, being heavily medicated, wearing something non-elastic, then complaining about having to button my pants and things spilling over....and I am soooo looking forward to my cute ankles once again. Cute ankles huh? Yeah, well Ken said that he didn't think he remembered my ankles being all that "cute" to begin with. Of course I took offense to the comment pleading with him about my prior ankle cuteness, but wasn't convincing. So I pull the blue paper up off the tops of my feet and say, "LOOK, is this what you want my ankles to look like for the rest of my life?" To which he answered, "No thank you Hillary!"

(try finding an anklet for these puppies)
(Oh, and I shall post a post-delivery shot of my ankles just to prove to Ken they haven't always looked like this)

Okay, on to more exciting news than the fact that my body has obviously retained a bit of fluid. My sweet little boy will be here sometime this Wednesday! Oh I played it off so cool, like it wasn't that big of a deal, as if I could possibly stand to be pregnant another week. But I had to...last week I had a hormonal break down in front of my doctor because I assumed he was going to induce days mistake. Any way, I go in at a bit before 6am on the 16th of April, and hopefully the baby will be here just in time for me to request some ridiculously large meal for lunch. I'll be at WK Boss. so feel free to drop in!

Alli's First T-Ball Game

I was just as excited as she was Saturday morning when I was getting her all dressed in her uniform! She looked so cute and sporty, my little tom-boy.

Playing short stop, here she is running her first picked up ball to the "circle" i.e. pitchers mound

Why is it that they make the smallest sized hats, still too big for their little heads, they need to at least make the bill shorter, poor things...

She enjoyed this a lot more than soccer...there was always a moment that was just about her, instead of the ball maybe making it to her feet and maybe making it to the goal, in this sport each kid gets a few chances to be a little star.

Grant Thomas

Monday, April 07, 2008


A Waiting Game...

Well, I'm 39 weeks now and just waiting on this boy of mine! Every day I try my best to get things back in order around here with two little ones running around destroying all of my efforts. I feel like I'm the only woman who has been pregnant for the third time and had to wait this long. I know it is a good thing to keep this little one baking but I'm exhausted.

I've missed out on 9-10 months of jumping on the trampoline with my little girl and rolling around with my little boy. I'm so tired of saying, "watch out for mommy's belly!" Landon will ask me to play football with him and when I tell him that I can't he says, "Your baby won't fall out." Hmmm...I guess I've used that excuse to him before, ooops.

I can't seem to keep Landon and Anderson's room clean no matter what. I get it all "baby" ready and then of course my two year old little boy wants to play with his toys and the room is a mess again. Would it be wrong to put caution tape on his door?

I've almost got all of my jobs complete...I have one newborn session to finish and half of a wedding. Both of these need to be done before this Wednesday as it is my last doctors appointment. I just can't seem to find the time. I feel awful every time I have to tell the kids that "mommy is working", or "mommy has to clean this right now". I keep thinking it won't be so bad anymore once I'm done working and the baby is out and my body is mine again. It takes so much energy to mop the kitchen floor ya know?

Last night I thought if I found something to "nest" over then maybe the baby would come, yeah, I'm getting desperate. So I took all of my maternity clothes down from the closet and used the hangers to hang my stuff up from last year, thinking with each new shirt or pant that I really hope something fits out of all of this. baby.

Every night I go to bed thinking tonight is going to be the night I go into labor...and every morning I wake up thinking, today is going to be the day I go into labor. I'm beginning to think that I'm going to raise this baby within, and when he's thirty he'll come walking out saying, "Whats up mom?"

Okay, enough with my venting, thanks for listening, this made me feel slightly better and has now given me the motivation to brush my teeth and blow dry my hair :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008