Friday, September 26, 2008

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos from this past week

Anderson asleep with daddy on the couch...a lazy football Saturday

Alli doing her schoolwork

Both of my boys sleep like this, with their hands behind their head, it is so cute

We have had perfect weather to get the bikes out, but don't make the mistake of calling this a bike, Landon will quickly correct you and make certain you understand that it is a motorcycle

I love watching Alli ride her bike, she loves it and wants to anytime we go outside, she will hop on that thing even if we are getting ready to load up into the car, she will ride it up and down the drive way, there is just enough time for her to do it before we notice and yell at her to put it back in the garage :)

I can't believe he actually stood still long enough for me to snap this, such a stud muffin

My girl and her toothless grin...after loosing just one she is so hesitant to having us even wiggle the other loose ones...she is afraid that we are just going to rip them out, poor thing

And Anderson helping Mommy make cookies, gotta love that Bumbo!

I need to make note of the following just for my self because I don't want to forget:

Today at Nana and Pop's house Landon came out of the bathroom...

Landon: "Mommy, Mommy! I went Poo Poo!"
Me: "Yea, I love a pooper!"

Then Livy came down the hallway:

Livy: "Shell Shell!"
Me: "What did you go poo poo too?"
Livy: (in a very excited manner, holding up her hand) "No, I wiped him!"

Oh what a laugh we all got, you can't buy moments like that

Friday, September 19, 2008

Five months and counting

Last Tuesday Anderson hit the 5 month mark....sometimes when he smiles at me I get a flash back of me crying about the pregnancy and I can't even remember what the big deal was about but I am sooooo happy God blessed us with this little guy. Life is ever changing with him around, even after five months there is still a lot to get used to and before I know it he will be on the move and shaking my world again.

Things I need to remember about this past month are:

~He can sit up without support if you put him in that position
~Rolls over to his left side and onto his belly really easily
~He loves the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
~He will cry when he sees me leave the room
~Can make a complete circle on his belly pushing with his arms
~Mimics a cough when he hears one
~Reaches for faces and loves teeth
~He started drooling like crazy
~Had his first bites on Monday the 15th, rice cereal and boobie milk...yummy!
~loves to play in his exersaucer and watch Baby Einstein
~When held up by his hands on a flat surface he holds his weight very well on his legs
~blows raspberries
~Tries to reach for his toes but his fat belly gets in the way
~And the number one thing that he does is: (drum roll please) PREFERS MOMMY TO ANY
~weighs 18.10 lbs
~He wears size 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diaper
OTHER PERSON ON EARTH!!! Sometimes this is a sweet thing and other times it is a tad inconvenient :)
Anderson is my first kid to love the whole first bites thing. The other two made a cringe face but as you can see in his very first food photo he is going straight for the spoon, he loves it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After school this morning Alli drew this for her daddy, thought this would make you smile this morning Ken:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An Update...FINALLY - Part II

Much has been going on around youngest child has become more active and needy which is causing me to rearrange my daily living just as I thought I had it all under control and operating smoothly. Not to mention his exploding diapers as you will see for yourself in the photos below...he only [goes] every 2 or 3 days and the result is nasty to say the least, with that said, please feel free to comment with any suggestion on how to avoid this...and no there is no such thing as a back diaper but I may invent one...soon.

Alli had a friend sleep over last Friday and they had a blast. They made cupcakes, beaded necklaces and had an all night kareoke party followed by a High School Musical - musical the next morning (lots of makeup and dramatics).

She has also started dance class...I have yet to take photos of her though as I have not even made it to the store to get her dance attire, she has only gone two times, but I still feel bad, I keep telling her just to put "work out" clothes on, poor thing :)

Also, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how the homeschooling is going. It is wonderful, and I will make a post about it with photos and how our school day works out and ideas that you too may incorporate whether you home school or not into your child's learning.

Anderson has started to use his Bumbo more and more about 10 minutes a day, now does it help him sit up on his own, I don't know, but these things are really cool, he started Baby Eisenstein videos a few weeks ago and loves them, the pic below is his first time watching one.

Anderson and Colby at the camp this past Labor Day weekend, as big as Anderson is, he still looks small next to Colby for some reason :)

Landon started MDO this Monday and seems to love it. He went right in and never looked back...he has one teacher that is my age and then another who is maybe mid 40's very upbeat women and friendly as well. He will be going twice a week through the school year. Everyday as soon as Ken gets home he runs to him and asks if he wants to wrestle, he is my wild child! He has been saying the funniest things latley and I always think to write them down but never get a thing I do remember though was a couple of days ago...we were in the playroom playing with Mr. Potato Head and he picked up the Mrs. Potato Heads feet that are bare with yellow sandles and he said, "Look Mommy! Jesus' feet!"

My Little Bro and I

My younger brother Richy was in town a few weeks ago...we got to spend a couple of weeks with him before he left on his second deployment overseas....what better way to spend your last day with your brother than a late night trip to Bucky's?

Nothing like some late night caffeine to make you act a little {crazy} with a camera...and thank you to those at Starbucks for not kicking us out on this very short lived moment...above: Us striking a pose. (I almost didn't post this because I look a tad bit manly...okay now I'm laughing out loud about the fact that I just drew everyone's attention to my manliness)

We were supposed to be faking smiles here but his looks pretty genuine, and mine you know is fake because I smile with both sets of teeth, top and bottom baby! BUT...this is what my smile looked like all through my high school pics because I was going through a "smile crisis", I'm just fine smiling the way God made me darn it!

The "Mocha-sip" doesn't get any more real than this people...

Keep him, all of our soldiers and our country in your prayers, I know it is not as crazy as it was seven years ago, but there are still those in harms way every day, lets not forget about them.

Before the New One...

I needed to take the time and get some "pretty" photos of Alli with her first missing tooth before you could see the big tooth popping through...I'm trying to let go...and let grow :)