Friday, September 19, 2008

Five months and counting

Last Tuesday Anderson hit the 5 month mark....sometimes when he smiles at me I get a flash back of me crying about the pregnancy and I can't even remember what the big deal was about but I am sooooo happy God blessed us with this little guy. Life is ever changing with him around, even after five months there is still a lot to get used to and before I know it he will be on the move and shaking my world again.

Things I need to remember about this past month are:

~He can sit up without support if you put him in that position
~Rolls over to his left side and onto his belly really easily
~He loves the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
~He will cry when he sees me leave the room
~Can make a complete circle on his belly pushing with his arms
~Mimics a cough when he hears one
~Reaches for faces and loves teeth
~He started drooling like crazy
~Had his first bites on Monday the 15th, rice cereal and boobie milk...yummy!
~loves to play in his exersaucer and watch Baby Einstein
~When held up by his hands on a flat surface he holds his weight very well on his legs
~blows raspberries
~Tries to reach for his toes but his fat belly gets in the way
~And the number one thing that he does is: (drum roll please) PREFERS MOMMY TO ANY
~weighs 18.10 lbs
~He wears size 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diaper
OTHER PERSON ON EARTH!!! Sometimes this is a sweet thing and other times it is a tad inconvenient :)
Anderson is my first kid to love the whole first bites thing. The other two made a cringe face but as you can see in his very first food photo he is going straight for the spoon, he loves it!


Martha said...

So sweet! That's so great that he is loving his first taste of cereal!

Amanda said...

oh my goodness, this honestly makes me sad to see this. I have my picture folder open and the date on it is 4/18 and there is a sweet picture of me and anderson. I can't believe he is growing up so fast and I've hardly gotten to see him :( I miss yall!

Candy said...

So SWEET!!! :)