Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Portrait Party below will start at 1 pm and the last appointment will be made for 4 pm.
Appointment spots are going fast, but there are still 5 spaces open!
Please send me an email to make your RSVP


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here is my baby girl when she was just under three years old, and it was just her and I livin' it up. She had such a sweet heart at this age, very loving and accepting of everyone, just a happy kid. Now, going on 6 and more kids in the family besides her she has a competitive edge about her, don't forget sassy, dramatic and bossy :)

Oh and my Landon boy! What a good baby...so sweet! In the photo above he is Anderson's age but about 4 pounds lighter, he looks underfed compared to my chunky monkey baby. He is still super sweet and going on three years old.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 Months!

Growing, growing, growing! This boy does not stop! He is almost 20 pounds now! We might as well buckle him in the front seat...just kidding, but seriously, he is in size 12 month clothing now and his size 3 diapers are rubbing his upper thighs, leaving marks.

He has tried all of his vegetables and HATES them all, but I will keep working on it. I have found a combination of oatmeal, apple juice and bananas that he will eat. He eats food every other day once or twice a day, he just isn't all that into it. I'm suprised, you all saw how he was grabbing for the spoon in his first bites pic.

He can make it across our playroom pretty easy now, a mix of scooting on his belly and rolling around. Everything goes into his mouth. We don't have any dogs but Alli can honestly say that her brother ate her school work :)

He is sitting up great on his own and plays so well on the floor with all of his toys around him, such a big boy! He seems to be teething but no sign of teeth yet. He gets really excited when Alli or Landon come around him, I can't wait to see them all running around in the back yard in 6 or 9 months from now.

He had his first vomit <---yeah, why isn't there a spot for that in the baby book? :) October 14th, well, this mama wants to remember it. It was just a little night bug I guess because it happened four times at night and after pedialite and a full nights sleep it was gone.

He screams in excitement about everything. And loves to crawl over you if you are laying down on the bed or floor and loves to watch Ken and Landon wrestle around him, he is just one of the guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jon & Kate plus 8

Central Assembly in Haughton is having Kate Gosselin come and speak at their church!!

Date: November 1st
The cost is $10
The doors open at 5pm and Kate speaks at 6pm

They have their own website aside from the one on TLC's: www.sixgosselins.com

Cali Trip

Plane ride went so smooth! It was so nice being on the same plane as my parents. The kids all fell asleep on the way there and Ken and I were able to read books, fantastic! The plane ride home went well, except for five minutes of uncontrollable screaming from Anderson, we had no clue what was wrong, it could have been anything, but the other passengers could care less. They were all breaking their necks to give us the "shut that baby up" look. Finally I wrapped a fruit roll up around my finger and let him chew on that, healthy for a five and a half month old? Probably not, but it turned everyone around facing the right way :) And on to the pics...

We had a great time in California! Our reason for going was my brother was getting married and the kids were a part of the wedding. Since the plane tickets were so expensive we decided we might as well stay awhile and make it worth it. One of our visits was to Apple Hill. This is somewhere I went as a little girl every year and now my babies were able to go and be a part of the festivities. The photo above is of us after we devoured our freshly dipped apples, all different kinds, Ken got us apples that were surrounded by pie crust and cinnamon, delicious! This was Andersons first trip to the pumpkin patch so he gets a storyboard :)

The wedding was so beautiful! We were dealing with Anderson throughout the whole thing so I didn't get to photograph a thing! If it wasn't for the sucker we were feeding him he would have been throwing a fit. I did manage to shoot the kids a couple of shots before all of the pre-wedding goings on happened. After the wedding when the sun was setting and Ken and Kate were on a path between grapes getting their photos taken I did happen to snap this before getting on the shuttle.

My little sister just looked gorgeous so I couldn't help to snap away at her beauty! I will make you a book sissy!

Would you believe that my battery was dead by the time I had to time to take pics? Of course you would! Really, we were kept so busy all week with entertaining the kids and visiting with family and helping out a tiny bit with the wedding that I didn't even think to have fully charged batteries on me. It didn't matter any way because Ken and I managed to have sleepy babies on our hips throughout the entire reception so there was no time to have fun any way. Next years adventures will be more fun when Anderson is a tad more independent and not so attached.

Some other things we did on our trip were an amusement park, a train museum, down town Sacramento train ride, lots of eating, and just taking it easy....those pics are on another camera and I shall post them soon.