Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got this from Jen's and thought it might keep you entertained until I blog about our vacation

Hi, my name is : Michelle Rene'a

But you can call me : Shell

Never in my life have I : smoked a cigarette

The one person who can drive me nuts is: Hmmm....

My high school is : is in Waco, Texas

When I’m nervous : I talk a lot

The last song I listened to was : Pride & Joy (artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn) {Ken's playing Guitar Hero in the other room} Now that drives me nuts, but it's not a person is it?

If I were to get married right now it would be : Not even a thought in my mind

My hair is : Frizzy in this state

When I was 4 : I remember feeling my little brother kick in my moms belly

Last Christmas : Was a lot of fun, the kids were really into it all last year

I should be : in bed

When I look down I see : a crumb in my keyboard :)

The happiest recent event was : being with my girls Tuesday night

If I were a character on ‘Friends’ : Didn't we all want to be Rachel...well...I did

By this time next year : I will have a six year old, a three year old, and a one year old

My current gripe is : {this is so weird that I can't think of something...I nag just about everyday and yet this is a hard one?}

I have a hard time understanding : Football

These girls: are full of milk...yeah...I just went there

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be : Ken or quite possibly Ken's voice mail

I want to buy : a laptop

Where do you plan to visit : California in September and October...can't wait to see my family

If you spent the night at my house : You would witness the "girls" unsupported ;)

The world could do without : Bugs of any kind, I don't care what good they do for us, I don't want to hear it, I'm sure they do something great, it doesn't matter to me, I really don't like them!

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself : ponytail holders, yeah, yea me right?

Most recent thing someone else bought me: clothes! Now that deserves a "YEA!"

My middle name is : Well, poop, I put that at the top, but I'll say it again...RENE' mom put the line between the E and A (I'm not sure what it is called but I'm sure someone will tell me in my comments) It is spelled like that because it's French, I'm not, well maybe an eighth, but the name is, yeah, I'm sure my mom is laughing reading this right now....because the explanation doesn't make sense, she just wanted me to have something fancy, thanks mom!! ;) Alli has the same middle name, I chose to drop the line only because she isn't French at all and well I didn't want to have to explain it to her like I try to get my mom to do for me :)

In the morning I : don't ever want to wake up

Last night I was : out to coffee with my husband and friends

A better name for me would be : Sophie...why? Not sure, I just always wanted to be called Sophie

I am : listening to an annoying song on the Wii over and over again because Ken can't get the chords right...uuuggghhhh! I guess when you are the one playing it, it isn't so annoying

Tonight I am : going to go to bed right after this because I have to get up quite early...park date

My birthday is : 10/19/81

2 Month Checkup

Anderson had his checkup this past Monday and everything went great (besides the crying and injections, which I think he handled like a champ). The boy weighs 14 pounds (97th percentile) is 26 inches long (95th percentile) and I don't remember what his head measured but it was in the 50th percentile. He is a happy, healthy baby so far, and still such a good baby during the day and night.

He holds his head for a really long time before it gets a bit here and there

He smiles at everyone and laughs a few times throughout the day

He sleeps almost all night...wanting to eat at 230am

He stays awake about 8-10 hours a day

He has had three formula bottles so far

When he is on one of his sides he rolls onto his back or his tummy

When he eats he will push me away and out and then wiggle his head back to me and eat some more, it is quite cute, but you just can't capture that on film, ya know?

He gets super excited when Alli or Landon entertain him

I left him home with a babysitter other than family for a couple of hours for the first time last night...thanks Court!

He has gone on his first vacation

Friday, June 06, 2008

An Update...FINALLY!

Well, I finally took the time to update the ol' blog...well...kinda - I'm really way too tired to blog about everything that has been going on the past couple of weeks so I took a short cut and posted just the pics, I mean, really thats all anyone has time to look at anyway right? You can figure out what all we did just by looking at them, how easy is that? Everything is still going great around here, just busy busy busy. The above pic is from our first "alone" date since bringing Anderson home from the hospital; yep, took that one in the Target parking lot. And yep, we chose to go to Target on our date. Just kidding, it was however a pit stop. :) We have had baby dedication, the air show, Memorial day at the camp, lots of swimming, T-ball, doctors appointments and lots more. Hope you enjoy the pics!