Sunday, June 17, 2007

Umm..a bit of Beauty? I think so!

I've been wanting to do a bridal session here for awhile now, and with the rain on Friday it was the perfect time. It had been six years since I had been back in this church, the last time was when I was in a wedding dress, a bit reminiscent, but back to Lauren, she was like a magazine bride, just beautiful!

The Williams Family

This evening started outside until the rain paid a visit and then indoors we went, just in time to get a few shots before the power shut off, you've got to love this Louisiana weather!

Their Special Day is Just Around the Corner!

Lauren's bridals were the morning of this yucky rainy day...they were going to be beautiful outdoor portraits, but because of the rain we made arrangements for indoor instead. They're engagement portraits were going to be that same day but because of the rain we weren't sure what we were going to do. By the time the bridals were through we walked outside and the sun was shining and so was this soon to be bride!

Some can do serious portraits just like that, others, however, need a little more time...

This kid is Diving!

Our little girl is diving off of the edge and off of the diving board! I think we are all equally excited. Any time we are around a pool its the "Alli Show". I was so impressed with the swim classes and what all she obtained from it.

She currently has a waiting list just in case someone drops out, so no open spots as of now, but if you are looking for a swim instructor, we highly recommend Susan Myers. You can call Susan's Dance Studio for more info as far as next year goes.

Alli is swimming above and under water, she can do the "superman" through the water above and under. She can tread water in the deep end for 80 seconds so far without going under. She can stay under water for a total of 10 seconds. She jumps, spins and dives into the deep end. Floats on her back and tummy, and finally, she can swim the back stroke.

So to say the least we were amazed! Or at least I was, all daddy has seen so far are pictures but he can't wait for a swim day next week to witness it all for himself.



Monday, June 11, 2007

First Day of Swim Lessons

The parents are asked to go off until the last five minutes and then the kids do a quick review. I showed up just in time to catch Alli poppin' up out of the water after pulling a weight up from the bottom. She had a good time but was a little distraught that she wasn't able to swim all over the pool. See what had happened was...I signed Alli up for lessons months ago and all of the sudden about a week and a half ago my baby girl decided to swim all over the place. She swam from the drop off part of the shallow end to the swim out in the deep end, UNDER WATER! I was shocked! She floats on her back, she swims above water, jumps, spins everything! Okay, I'm done bragging, I just really couldn't believe that she caught on so fast. There is one thing she won't do...dun..dun...dun, the diving board! But all is well, since this is what she will be doing tomorrow at swim lessons, I may or may not be posting pics though since Nana is in charge tomorrow while I work. Anyway, this is the little bit that I got from the minute I was there, she's so sweet...

One Last Goodbye

Okay, so I couldn't turn this down, you all know that I'm not crazy about animals, but I loved the image of white on a ranch/farm, so I was there, oh, yeah, and because my sister asked me if I could do it as well. Anyway, it was like 90 something degrees outside but it felt close to 1000. I couldn't keep my pants from slipping, but the owners of the beautiful place were so gracious to give us water every time we turned around so it wasn't all that bad. And c'mon these images made it worth it, everyone is so gorgeous! And there's more where that came from on my website, feel free to check it out.

My brother and his troop in Fallujah, Iraq

There he is! He's the one fast asleep in his truck. He's pretty
good at calling home, he calls about twice a week and he calls
my mom even more, but no one has heard from him in almost
two weeks, so please say a prayer for all of their safety and their
families that are waiting for their homecoming. Thank you!!

An "Event Photographer" Job...

And here is the woman of the hour

I was presented with the opportunity to capture moments at a grandparents birthday party. I couldn't help but think that it was such a big family and all from just two daughters. Such nice people, very inviting, it just felt natural to start snapping away.