Sunday, October 29, 2006

Haughton Game - Friday

I went to my first highschool football game here, in six years.
It was so cold, you know snuggling weather, except my snuggle buddy was standing up cheering every five minutes, so there was really no sense in snuggling at all.

This was actually my first high school game since highschool, isn't it weird how old we thought or felt like we were when we were in highschool.

I know I'm not that old, but still all the girls seemed so young last really kind of embarressed me (internally ;) ) thinking about how I acted when I was in school and how I thought I knew so much then, anyway, it made me think, you know in between the shivers. It made for cute always.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Allis Threat

Sometime ago Alli's Uncle Dale taught her how to intimidate people. We used it with her alot to get a laugh but its been awhile, probably over a year. Anyway, Alli walked up to me with both of her fists in front of her face and said, "You want a knuckel sandwitch or a peanut butter and jelly one instead?"...I laughed so hard, which in turn made her mad, but its supposed to be said like this, "You want a knuckel sandwitch or some fruit punch", funny kid!

Foster Girls

Yesterday the Foster Girls Three <--thats their band name, came over to visit and we really had a great time. And Sharron is right Sarah as usual did provide the entertainment for the afternoon. The girls all played so well together and were so low maitenance, I even forgot about Landon a couple of times. Yesterday afternoon reminded me of how our playgroups used to be, when we all got together at someones house to visit while the kids played. It was much needed! I am a little weirded out though, that with two photographers in the house not a single pic was taken...riddle me that.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Its AWANA night again!

I thought I would take some pics of my cute boys, since you all wonder what all goes on during our night together, and well, this is about it. These boys are wild and crazy, but too cute not to love..check 'em out:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lego measurment

Alli and I were stacking all of the legos of the same dimensions up as high as we could before they fell over. Alli wanted to know how many legos tall was she, so here is the pic of our little discovery..oh and its 110.

I love this age, mostly because Landon is starting to become independant. Which is great for me, because it means I get to enjoy my meal with less interuptions, plus it makes for super cute, messy face pics.


Lesson Learned #192 :
If you have something that needs to be thrown out, try putting it inside the trash can not besides the trash can.

A comment on commenting

I have to say I am so impressed, my sister finally decided or figured out, I'm not sure which, leave comments! I am so happy, hopefully this will start a trend with the rest of my family on both ends..hint, hint! If you are a blogger yourself you know the joy that comes from recieving comments. So if there is a blog of mine that makes you smile, laugh, or even throw something, please leave a comment, I would so love it..thank you, that is all..oh, unless you don't know how...take a look at the bottom of this here post, you will see something that might say:
0 comments <--with a little pencil next to it, click on that, then in the space provided to the right, make your comment, then choose "other", there it will ask for your name and web address, just type your name, or whatever you want to be called for that comment, i.e. Aunt Amy, now go, leave a comment, bring joy to my internet experience.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Festivities

In the spirit of all the dressing up I thought I would post this pic, its so cute, Ken and Amy and Jay. Little indians and they all look so enthused don't they?

Another baby Ken moment

You guys, my ma-inlaw is so nice, she lets me rumage through her photos like their my own and never says a word about it...anyway I love this pic of her and Ken, look how happy they are. She's probably going to kill me for posting this, that Ken is just so darn cute, but then again I'm a bit partial, I did give birth to his mini-me. :)

Lindsey Kids Storyboard

Hey Laura or Michelle, whoever may be taking a look at this, let me know what you think...if you want the pics in a different order or something else written on the board, I can change whatever just let me know.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The break is it is

Yes, I have taken a break myself, but my reasons are literally it has to do with poop. Disgusting? I think so. Some of you may know, Landon has has a wee bit of the diarheah this past week, and this morning was IT.."it" as in my breaking point. Now I wasn't frustrated, or tired of it all (maybe a bit), but Michelle said to me, as in I said to myself, "Michelle, the house smells like poop, get up and do something about it" So I did! I have spent all day cleaning. Alli was at school the first half of the day and Landon slept the second half..BIG HELP :) Above you will find pictures of my yummy Fall scented home, can't wait for Ken's reaction when he gets home in a bit. I'm not kidding you guys, we have been living in a pig-sty with a poopy pig for a week, I just didn't have the energy or the drive to clean up at all. I feel so much better know its one of my favorite things, i.e. refer to "things I love" in the archives for more on this topic. <--I am so funny. Notice there is a room missing from the pics, I said I cleaned, I didn't say I got carried away, can anyone guess what room? Yeah, I know it was too easy. I have family to the West that hasn't seen our new home so this might help, and I will keep these on file for when we want to sell, that way I won't have to clean again until then :) J/K

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Home Depot Project

This morning I took Alli and Landon (<--not the best idea; Landon that is) to Home Depot to do this Fire truck bank project they had going on. Props to Laura for suggesting it...Thanks! I guess I expected the project to be flimsy and all since everyone else that has fee stuff goes cheap. But it was so nice, the bank was made out of wood, which was made out of a tree <--ok that was just stupid, so stupid I can't even delete it, I'll just share my stupidity with you as a freebie.

Okay moving right along. So Landon is sitting on top of the table while I'm hammering madley away at this truck. I wasn't mad, I was just hammering crazily. Landon might have even gotten a little air with each blow to the nail. Little nails...not good to the fingers. I took a couple for the team lets put it that way. Alli did help a bit, with the punch out parts and placement of the tires, but her interest was over at the trucks. Sparky the fire dog even came out and did the whole high five thing. Then he pulled Landon's sock off which made him cry, you know just to add to my stress free time, why not.

I like the pic Angela took of us on the ground, I didn't even know she was snapping away, so thanks Angela, (I left my camera at home) which was okay, I choose my friends wisley, she is always prepared am I not so always prepared. We are on the ground because driving those nails into thin wood on a table that bounces back at you just doesn't work. <--this tip brought to you in part by the fireman<--that was helping a child who was present with his grandfather. Hello, single woman here, with a restless nine month old, slamming the hammer into my poor little thumb with each try, all the while keeping a smile for Alli's sake. <--but who's complaining, not I. I will have to say my favorite pic, is when we stole some firemans boots and stuck Landon in cute! Laura keep us posted on all upcoming events, we really did have fun, most of this blog was just joke like ya know?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nap time

Both my babies are asleep now after running (and crawling) around the house chasing eachother. Which means I'm playing on the computer, but I'm also staring at this basket full of clean clothes that miss their closets. I purposley put them right in front of me so that I don't forget about them, but I'm going to post this and then I will walk away for now...