Friday, December 22, 2006

Baking with Nana

I look forward to this time of the Christmas festivities because they make for such cute pictures, and this year with an extra addition to the family, it made it that much more special!

Alli did quite well helping with a lot of the work, Livy on the other enjoyed a multitude of activities during the baking, including but not limited to...pouring all of the sprinkles out and then putting them all back in one by one, touching not one, not two, but probably a dozen cookies, with those sweet hands of hers, we were assured by Nana that Amy and Dale took all of those ones home with them; Oh yes, and then placing her hands in the frosting and licking her fingers and then double dipping <--you all know how I am about double dipping, but could you blame her. And Landon did his best to supervise, my favorite is the bowl of frosting on his head. He had already dipped both his feet in the frosting, and had green frosting running down his face so we thought what the heck. Too many cute ones to just post a few so enjoy the slide show.


This boy loves dogs. Just the sight or sound of one, and its hard to get him to notice anything else. So I found these doggie slippers at Walmart and thought they would be perfect. That was last month and that boys feet are already growing out of them. So hint hint, Landon would love slippers in his stocking!

Some big news!

Well, just a little update, Alli recently got married to a man by the name of VerVer. She has had 10 children for awhile now, but we just found out that she is pregnant with her 11th. We really don't know how to take the news, I mean, I'm really not ready to be a grandmother...again. I guess we need to take it one day at a time. Heres some pics, everyday is a photo shoot with her, you can hardly even tell she's prego huh?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Almost Time!

My little girl is getting pretty excited about Christmas morning. I finally wrapped their gifts and set them under the tree, so it added to the excitment. Alli thought it was Christmas morning the next day because there were more gifts under the tree. Oops, false advertisment. Landon of course has been pulling stuff off of the tree since day one, but no big damage yet. It was really nice to see the two of them sitting by the tree and talking with eachother (baby communication on Landon's part) on their own. I thought I would capture the moment. Which I did, and then Alli being the poser that she is popped up and stuck a hip or two out!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Angela picked us up a gingerbread house the other day and we were quite excited when we were finally able to sit down and put it all together Monday evening. Alli really enjoyed this project, and suprisingly did nothing with the candy but place it all on the house. Landon however got ahold of one of the gumdrops and shut his mouth tight once he had it in there. Its these times together doing fun things durning the holidays that I love. I think tomorrow we will put together the chain of red and green paper strips to tear off each day until Christmas, a bit late I know, but we've done it for a couple years now so we can't break a tradition right?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yes, I think my babies are beautiful, but don't think I'm posting just to hear it from you all, which I don't mind if you just really want to tell me that. I used Kodak Easy Share Gallery for awhile to share photos with my family but now I stay to the blog, easier to go to one website rather than two. So...if you see tons of pics of my babies without any blog or reason behind it, know that its for my mom and the rest of my family that are unable to see my kids all the time like you all. Thanks!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time Flys

A couple days ago Ken and I were outside doing the Christmas light thing, and I had asked what the date little boy was 11 months old already, I almost let the date slip from me without notice.

Whats the big deal with a month birthday? Nothing really, although I do seem to take notice when the 6th of each month hits. Both my babies were born on the 6th so the date marks an older age for both. But my little boy, 11 months? This would be the last month birthday of a baby boy. Yeah, a one year old is still considered a baby but once 12 months comes around it seems as if time just gets a bit faster. I don't know...this saddens me, bittersweet you might say.

Just a couple of months ago I told Ken, "Okay, yeah, no more babies, lets move on with our lives..." Just like that, those were my words exactly. I just dismissed any thought of bringing another precious baby of mine into my arms. And now the last baby I have is about to be one, in less than a month now.

Wwwhhheewww...okay, Michelle, let go of the emotion. And here I sit continuing to type about it. Here I go, cold turkey, just letting it go. Enjoy the sweet face you see below, you all know I have been.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Lights

Okay, so I just noticed that I never typed anything on this blog here. Not much to type about, its a bit obvious...I threw Landon up on the ladder with daddy for a photo op. Oh yeah, and how do you like that, a photographer, who posts a picture with red eye. A bit amusing, Sharron, I know you were thinking it girl! And Ken, is not quite sure why I posted a pic of him and Landon, where Ken's face it completley covered by Landons stylish hat that he's sporting. I've just been wanting to post things with my own kids even if its nothing special, hence the "Christmas Lights" post about, well, nothing.

Alright Tiffany let me know what you think about this one, and email me if any changes need to be made, Thanks!

Lan -Man

My baby boy is getting so big! He is just looking more grown up and him and Alli play together so well now. So, this is him, goldfish on the tongue on chin, drool everywhere, a bit of a black eye and no pants, what can I say, sometimes you need to capture the pictures when maybe they don't look their best but they sure do look their cutest to their mama!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Haircut

Not that he looks all that different from before but he really did need to get the hair off of his ears, so I took Landon to get his first hair cut the other day. I love watching the "firsts" of everything really. He was a good bit younger than Alli was when she had her first hair cut so I wasn't sure how it would go, but he did great!

Thanksgiving Time

I hope its not too late to post about Thanksgiving...but here it is. Landon's first of course, not that it matters though, since he slept through the best part...the food! Which was soooo yummy, my mother in law who is incrediably great at tons of stuff, cooking being one of the many, did it all! Eventually he woke and was spoon fed by two responsible adults :) We stayed in town this year and it was just the immediate family that gathered this time. The kids played outside for the most part because it was beautiful and the guys stayed indoors to watch that boring stuff where a bunch of guys stare at eachother for a few seconds and then chase eachother around the grass to capture a ball thats pointed on the ends. ;) Soon it was nap time again, so Ken stayed to finish watching a football game in and out of sleep and I took the babies home to get their naps in while I worked on Christmas pictures. Enjoy the pics!