Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time Flys

A couple days ago Ken and I were outside doing the Christmas light thing, and I had asked what the date little boy was 11 months old already, I almost let the date slip from me without notice.

Whats the big deal with a month birthday? Nothing really, although I do seem to take notice when the 6th of each month hits. Both my babies were born on the 6th so the date marks an older age for both. But my little boy, 11 months? This would be the last month birthday of a baby boy. Yeah, a one year old is still considered a baby but once 12 months comes around it seems as if time just gets a bit faster. I don't know...this saddens me, bittersweet you might say.

Just a couple of months ago I told Ken, "Okay, yeah, no more babies, lets move on with our lives..." Just like that, those were my words exactly. I just dismissed any thought of bringing another precious baby of mine into my arms. And now the last baby I have is about to be one, in less than a month now.

Wwwhhheewww...okay, Michelle, let go of the emotion. And here I sit continuing to type about it. Here I go, cold turkey, just letting it go. Enjoy the sweet face you see below, you all know I have been.


Candy said...

Aww..Michelle that is so sweet! I know what you mean though. Ella is 9 months old today, the 9th. Time goes by so fast that it is almost scary!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Michelle, you are too sweet. Man they do grow up so fast. I hate it, yet love watching it all at the same time. Be strong sister. You'll be just fine!

Anonymous said...

Eleven months is sad but exciting, too. He is getting so much fun right now.

Aunt Bi-Bi said...

I say go for another...You and Ken are such good parents! I am so proud of you both! And oh what beautiful and sweet babies you have.