Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yes, I think my babies are beautiful, but don't think I'm posting just to hear it from you all, which I don't mind if you just really want to tell me that. I used Kodak Easy Share Gallery for awhile to share photos with my family but now I stay to the blog, easier to go to one website rather than two. So...if you see tons of pics of my babies without any blog or reason behind it, know that its for my mom and the rest of my family that are unable to see my kids all the time like you all. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think that they or pretty cute, and I don't mind telling you. That is a great one of landon smiling. He is so adorable. the one of allie above it is just beautiful though. Great job catching those moments. I am sure grandma will be happy to see them.

Shell's mama said...

I'm speachles. Theses are fabulous Shell. I am so excited to see my babies. 22 more days! XXXXOOOO