Friday, September 29, 2006

I need everyones e-mail address please!

To anyone, and everyone reading this please e-mail me, it doesn't have to say anything but "Hi" and it doesn't even have to say that. Ken and I had to reformat our computer and in turn lost all info on it, and since we use Outlook, that meant loosing all of our addresses, I would so very much appreciate it, Friends and Family!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Pictures added to the "Cute Kids" section below.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I was reading an old magazine and found this, thought it might spark some feedback. My list might go something like this:

-Get the spider webs off of the dinning room light that I've noticed only 20 times.

-Finish painting the letters in Landons room (they should be red/black, there only red).

-Paint a wall chalkboard in Alli's room that I've been wanting to do since we moved in.

-Disinfect the toys in the playroom, or at least just wipe them down w/ something besides drool.

-Make copies of the kids birth certificates for their baby books.

-Put the stakes in the ground for the swingset after the move (over a year ago).

-Make it to where we don't have a "junk drawer" (that stuff has to go somewhere right?)

-Clean my baseboards

-Paint the scratches and chunks taken out of the wall

-Sew, something, anything, I actually do find joy in it

Welcome to Shoe Corner

Please tell me I'm not the only women that lets this happen? Why does this happen? Yes, I have made bold statements like, "Honey, the shoes do not go here, please just walk them over to your closet."...after I say something smart like that, I look down and there are two pairs of my own shoes in the pile, to that I say, "Alli needs to stop putting my shoes in "Shoe Corner". :o)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We've got a sick-o in the house

It's almost 3am here, and I am up, standing over Landons crib giving him medicine. I am so sad for my sweet little boy who has what Alli calls "a bug", (just recently I had to explain to her that when she has a bug it just means a "spot" in her chest not an actual creepy crawler) Anyway, I took Landon in to the doctors Sunday afternoon after three days of a yucky cough because his chest was really tight and I could hear wheezing all up in there. So the poor thing had a pulseox under 90, (we want it to be 95-100) so they gave him his first treatment. they just let him suck on the bottle part of the neb, it seemed to clear up most of the wheezing and after two scripts and a shot of antibots we were on our way home. But Monday afternoon, he seemed to be worse, I wasn't able to keep him occupied long enough to take a 15 minute treatment, so I took him in again, this time Ken showed up from work to sit up there with me, his PO was in the lower 90s but not quite good enough, so they wanted us to give him another treatment while we were there. This time though, they wanted him to wear the mask and they wanted us to hold him down. Oh, this was hard for me, Ken on the other hand was very calm, good thing opposites attract. I was mad of course (at the time) for them making us hold him down, as he tried to scream with all that was in him, (he doen't have much of a cry with the sore throat and all). After the treatment it went right up to 99 quick and I was happy that I was able to hold Landon and comfort him now. He fell right asleep.

My hope would be that this episode was just brought on by the bronchitis and nothing more. Although if he does end up with asthma like Alli, we know how to handle it and theres nothing cuter than a Christmas card picture of the whole family wearing dinosaur masks, huh?

Saturday Fashion Show

No, I wasn't in it, can't imagine why not? However I did take pictures for it, if you're interested to see some Fashion Divas the pictures are on Walgreens website:
Password: Eastwood

Mercy Me/Audio Adrenaline Concert

We had such a great time at the concert Sunday night. Great tickets! I started screaming as the lead singer from AA got off stage and started walking chair by chair through the crowd straight for us! I'm such a kid :) I was screaming, "wheres my camera? Ahahahah!" Sometimes I get tired of always clicking so I try my very best to not bring the ol camera every where I go, and in turn always regret it. I regreted it when I took Alli to get her hair cut and she fell asleep, and I regreted it Sunday night as well. But Kristy is out there with digital files of our night so send 'em girl! I mustn't have a blog without a picture. I love worshiping with a group of believers, I forget what song it was that we were all singing but my thought was, "How could you not believe that Christ is our Savior, and the one true God?" I haven't been to other countries to see how they worship their gods but I seriously doubt it comes close to the power and emotion that was in the arena where we were. On a funny note, Ken and I hadn't been to a concert in a while (well, we did see Aaron Shust but we were in a candlelit church for that one), and instead of lighters being lit, everyone holds up their cell phone lights and sway side to side, of course I would never do that...even if I did own a cell phone. :) However when Bart Milard told everyone to hold the phones up during a song, we looked around and it did look really cool, if that means anything. When AA first came on stage one of their songs just about required jumping up and down, so off went the hills and up and down went Ken and Shell. Fun! "I get down and he lifts me up..." I wish Alli was there for that one, but Ken and I proceeded without her and Kens up and down motions for that song were quite impressive, lots of talent my better half has, as for me my up and down looked similar to disco dancing, I hope no one around noticed that I began to point after a bit. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Time for Fall Pictures!

Oh do I love Fall, I could live in Fall weather 24/7, I say that but I probably would want to feel the heat every now and then, but hey, that would be Louisiana Fall then wouldn't it? Anyway, Fall Portrait Session mailouts are going out today, so be expecting them in the mail. Also, check out the free gift for you and a friend if that friend of yours isn't currently on our mailing list. There are some different options as far as what to expect from the session. There is the classic wagon of course but also we can use a childs sized bench for pictures with siblings or older kids. I will also have an option for those babies who arn't quite sitting up yet. My favorite thing to try out this Fall will be the new Storyboards I have now. Storyboards are custom created, using images from your session in a documentary Storytelling fashion. They are quite neat! I'll be taking my kids pictures here within a couple days and I will post a storyboard so that you can have a peek. Your mailout contains a picture from a session but here are a couple more examples. Tell everyone you know even if Fall pictures isn't on your list of things to do, a referral will still earn you and your friends something. Thanks!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Alli from birth to now

I liked the pictures of Alli and Hayden so much that I thought I would do the same for just Alli alone. The quality of the pictures isn't that great because I'm taking a picture of a picture, oh I wish I had a scanner, hint - hint...anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Okay, just a joke, kindof. Ages are birth, 3mo., 6, 9, 12, 1 1/2, 2yrs., 2 1/2, and now:

Hayden & Alli

What a blessing to have a friend from the start huh? Hayden and Alli have been friends from the very beginning of their little times. Hayden is five months older than Alli, but the age difference hasn't been an issue for their friendship;) I think around the time that Alli was 2 1/2 Hayden and her had some hard times up 'til now. For some reason there was about a year there that they just didn't get along well, but that has changed with a new season. Today Angela and I were dropping the kids off at school and they both looked so cute together, excited and happy, so of course I had to grab a pic of them which made me think about all the pics they have had together. So my next thought! I'm sure these arn't all of them but they are the ones I could grab easily, so take a look at how the two have grown up together...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cute Kids!

I have had the privilege to take pictures of some cute kids lately. I just wanted to thank all of you who have given me the chance to get some more experience under me, it has been quite helpful. As far as school is going I am learning so much more than I thought I would, so I am so glad I was able to go. I am also learning that I need more stuff, it never ends does it? I am getting my fall picture session ready and you with children should be receiving a mail out soon so that you can make an appointment if you would like, again thank you so much for your support! (If your kids pics are not shown, it is because they have already been saved to a disk, and are no longer on my computer)