Tuesday, September 12, 2006

3 Year Olds are funny Regina!

Just when I was thinking, "man, I wish Alli said funny things all the time like Sean, then maybe I would have something to blog about.." and then it happened, all of the sudden she became funny. Its as if God was looking down on me in my weak blogless state of being and prompted Alli to say these really funny things...so here they are:

The other night Alli asked me where the mole in her mouth came from. Immediatley I knew what it was. I told her what kind of a sore it was and that it would go away in a couple of days. So on the way to lunch she said, "Mom I thought you told me that my KangarooSewer was going to be gone!" I said, "What?" So she repeated, but I will say it took 4 attempts until it clicked, she wanted to know when her Kanker Sore would heal.

Alli is quite proud of her artwork and does not like brother to mess with it, but he always does. So yesterday morning he was at the fridge tearing it all down, and she ran in to the kitchen and said, "Landon, quit ruining my special projects on the fridge, TOP IT! (she doesn't do well with the S sound), Landon! Why do I have to tell you a million times?" <--I don't know where she gets that comment from? At lunch just a bit ago, Landon was in a spitting mood, so I firmly told him, "No spit, Landon, No." But of course my 8 month old didn't listen the first time, so I continued with the "no's" with each new spitting, to which Alli said:

"Maybe we should send him back.
Mommy: "send him back to who?"
Alli: "to Jesus, he'll take him back up there."
so I said, "Okay."
Alli: "No, mom, I would never throw my brother away, I just said that I didn't think you would say Okay."


Angela said...

Send him back...I love that one! I told you your kids were funny, afterall, they are your's and Ken's offspring.

Regina said...

Yeah, how can she not be funny with you as a mom? Derek and I both thought this was so funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Look at my grandchildren. I'm showing everone in my office these. Funny, Funny, babies. Love it. Mama.