Thursday, May 31, 2007

A little backyard fun

Alli perfecting her "toe touch"

My 4 year old doing an Air Guitar and 30 year old husband doing the same thing...yes, I was quite entertained myself :)

These are mine...I'm one lucky girl!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer night bike ride

We love our family bike rides and I wanted to be able to capture one of them so I took the ol' trusty Kodak which is more like Alli's camera now, and got a few pictures tonight, I was a little shaky on the bike doing this at the same time...

Landon has sooo much fun! Ken, starts going really fast and he can feel the wind against him and he probably gets the tickle feeling in his tummy, I can hear him laughing, even from far behind them.

Here are my precious biker babes.

We must hydrate after these events :) Alli told her friend who had come along with us this: "My doctor says that I need to drink lots of water, but I really want a Capri Sun." Sorry kiddo, doctors orders :)

She may be just like me...

So we went bike riding and I took some pictures of it all, and when I got back inside to load them on to the computer I found these images on there as well...

This would be my girl taking pictures of her self in the backseat, I don't know why I didn't notice but Ken and I got the best kick out of looking at them.

When I asked her about the pictures she acted like it was no big deal, my funny, funny girl.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ken and I with no kids, whats it like? Well check out for yourselves...

Close your eyes if you have to it gets a little mushy here below, and just remember when you say to yourseves here in a couple of seconds, "oh my gosh, she does not have a kissing pic?" do you have a kissing picture with your husband? If not, get one! You'll look back on it one day and say, "Look at us!" happy together! <---is anyone else singing yet? No? Okay, moving right along...

I love getting a break for a couple of hours from my babies, you know to recoup...but its a sweet bonus when its an overnight thing and I get time with my man! you can see.

Nana and Pop took the kids to the camp Friday morning for me so that I could work, and I was so excited, I deserved it after a plane ride and a "vacation" with them huh? I'm trying to figure out a fundraiser that I could have for myself to earn enough money to go on the K-LOVE cruise this coming up January so that I can continue this love affair with the man of my youth! :) Oh stop it, you know its cute!

Our Cali trip

We had a great time in California last week, it wasn't long enough for me but Landon was ready to come home to see Ken. I didn't have my own car there so I relied on others as to where we went so I didn't get to see everything I wanted, there was even family that I didn't get a chance to visit with, but maybe next time I go, I can spend a few days there by myself and rent a car :) Wishful thinking... We went to Fairytale Town and Funderland, which was fun for the kids, well and the adults as you will see...and yes, that's me and Kate on a "giants" foot, posing as hot as we could while at Fairytale Town. Hey, don't judge! You would do the same if the opportunity presented itself...okay maybe not :)

Alli got to ride her first roller coaster, and she loved it! I think they ended up going on that same one three times. I guess this will prepare her for the excitement Six Flags will bring in a couple of weeks.

There's my boy with Kate on a carousel, as soon as he saw it, he was pointing and grunting.

The Tea Cups are my most absolute favorite ride, next to roller coasters, my baby girl loves them as well, I don't know who had more fun?

Alli with her Mamaw and Papaw here, she is always so excited to be around them

Did you know that a goat can jump 4 feet high? Me either.

Landon and Uncle Ken, I think Ken was a bit smitten for him, except when Landon started his screaming fits...several times.

Landon took right to my Aunt Jamie, I had no doubt, but kisses on the second day, that's good!

Alli with her Aunt Katie, inseparable.

Swim Swim Swim!

The boy can't help it if there was nothing swim related that was the color blue...

Okay, now you see her...

Now you don't!

And now, you do again! This was a big step, you know getting her to believe that if she went under water she could come back up again...alive. I was very excited and proud!

And of course Livy...stylin' in the sun.
I was so excited about this new little endeavor I became involved with...Savvy & Sage...My first cover shot was printed a few weeks ago, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! Can't wait to have this framed, kind of a big step in a great direction for my business, anyway, here it is...

Morgan and Mom...

"Mommy & Me" portraits don't always have to be for the little ones...look at these women!