Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick note for all upcoming appointments...

I mentioned in an earlier post about the heat and it being a bit difficult to be outdoors with little ones so I wanted to make some notes for as far as the rest of the year goes. I will not be scheduling any more outdoor portrait sessions for the month of August. It is just too hot, which makes for red faces and sweaty hair, and nobody wants that. If indoor is okay with you I am still able to provide a backdrop of your choice.

I have received some rather exciting news just recently and I'm waiting to see what comes of it all before I tell everyone about it, but because of it I do want to get my calander filled out and set for my busiest time of the year.

As far as Fall portraits and Winter/Christmas portraits go, I'm doing all portrait parties...for the most part. I already have two Fall Portrait Parties scheduled and I want to have two more before the end of October. If you are interested please email me or call me and I will give you info on it all, the incentives are wonderful and at the end of it all you will be quite pleased with what you have to show off :)

For the Winter Portrait Parties, I will be needing 5 hostesses. Your job will be a little different from just a normal party but no big changes, instead of 12 guests you will only need to have 10 scheduled and as I get calls for appointments I will be assigning them to one of the 5 hostesses parties. There will be three outdoor parties held at any scenic location the hostess chooses and then the other two parties will be with a black or white backdrop as the guests choice.

With all of the upcoming weddings and a BIG change in my future plans this is what is going to work best for me and my family for now. If there is a need for Winter portraits that just cannot be arranged at a party please call and we will figure something out.

Hostesses to call and book their parties will receive a free set of 25 custom designed Fall or Winter cards as well, I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Fun for me!

I spent most of the day at Terrie's when all this was shot...we were working on our white backdrops, and the lighting and all, just trying to get everything perfect and no shadows! Well, except for those that may fall on the floor, but that's where we want them. Anyway, I have been wanting photos done of me with my camera for awhile and I just love all of them above, but my absolute favorite is the one below...Landon, loves my camera, not so much smiling for it, but taking photos with it, so he thinks. This just happened, we knew we couldn't keep him out of her studio for long, and when he saw me on the floor he came running, anyway it's priceless and I will cherish it forever, thanks Terrie!

Olivia's Two!

Already! Time flys I tell ya! :) She has grown up so much in such a short time. Livy has such a sweet personality and she's so smart, did I mention how stinkin' cute she is as well? The shoot went well, except for the heat, it was enough for me to set all of my appointments for September on, and so I shall...

A Star Party with Pop

Sci-Port has these "Star Parties" every now and then...Alli has been requesting a telescope for about 6 months now and I keep telling her "maybe for Christmas..." So once I found out about this I knew she would be excited. We invited Pop to come along on our late night adventure to see the sky. We had a fun time, and Alli had her face painted like the moon, we told her it was permanent marker while he was painting it, I wish I caught her expression with the camera, she was a bit freaked out, silly girl. They have another one coming up if anyone is interested, Sci-Port has a website as well if you want more info. And looking at these photos I need a new PS camera, so off to the store I will go tomorrow, yuck!

Bridal Show

Well, it's about time I blogged about this and other things, which are now above by the time you start reading this...Terrie and I had a spot at the bridal show a few weeks ago, this is what our booth looked like, a bit much for me at first glance but it caught the girls attention and paid off in the end because we have been getting calls just about non-stop. We have had meetings with brides every week since, its been crazy and great and well, we just didn't expect this, so yea, we are both very excited and can't wait to share these upcoming special days with all of you brides who chose us to document this once in a lifetime event, thanks again!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hi Uncle Richy! We love you and miss you and we pray for your safe return every night!!!!

Yes, it does start this young...

Just kidding! Nothing starting over here! Hayden has always been Alli's first pick for fun stuff and this night was a night a the movies, they were so cute together and we had a lot of fun.

Justin and Seth