Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boards for Angela

I love this first board!
Its pretty, and what a reminder of
how we are to love one another.
I think I might even make a board

for my family quite similar
to this one. Angela let me know
what you think about these,
it won't hurt my feelings if there
are changes...I'm used to it. ;)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

AJ and Nathan Baird

Chrissy your slideshow was sent on Thursday and I know you don't check your email often so I placed a couple pics online. Arn't these boys so handsome! Nathan was a bit exploritory and would have nothing to do with being placed, which was fine by me. AJ did great! He had some time by himself and loved the Santa hat!

Christmas Card Review

Angela, please let me know what you think, I made the ness. changes. Email your response back, thank you!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Neu Family

Sweet baby girl Allie! She was so sleepy but stayed awake to take pictures with Mommy and Daddy...how considerate of her! :) Oohhh, I kind of feel like I have a fever coming on, could it be? Nahhh...baby fever? :)

My Mills Family

I love these people here, so I shall post their pics because they are close to my heart and Angela has waited ever so patiently for her storyboards and all. Angela, get with me about edits and changes that you would like made if any at all. Attention: All storyboards and Christmas cards that are sent out in your slideshows can be edited to your preferences, please let me know of any changes that you would like made, Thanks!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rhodes, Rhodes & Merrill Families

I loved this session...everyone was in a great mood, all of the pictures went smoothly. We even attempted to set up a black backdrop in
the park, despite the strong winds. Pretty family!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


A couple quick things here to note...I am getting close to sending out all children portrait images. If you do not see your child(ren) on my blog, please know that it is nothing personal and I have no favorites, outside of my family:) I just don't have a lot of extra time to post everyones pictures on here, with the busy time of year here already, I'm sure everyone understands.

On a second note...I am taking down my Christmas background Thursday evening so, Kristy, bring Connor by to get his picture taken! And Angela you too! If you just didn't have time last week to bring your kiddos by please call me Wed or Thursday and we can work on getting a time for one of those days before I move on to family portraits this coming up weekend.

The two open time slots for Norton on Saturday the 18th, have been filled. But, not to worry, I will be taking open appointments throughout the month of December. I will, however be gone Christmas eve until the 2nd of the new year....wow, I can't believe 2007 is just around the corner.

Johnson Kids

These kids are so easy to work with, they just let me move them however I like. Connor hopped in a jeep just before the shoot and hit the gas pedal headed straight for the lights, poor thing had no clue how to make the tires stop. I thought it was over, but he held it together for the sake of a cute Christmas photo. And Kahlan, isn't she precious? Her little smirky smile!

Baby Dylan

I now know that Dylan has a set of pipes on him...poor thing cried the entire time, but mommy held it together, she was a real trooper. We managed to get decent shots of him that didn't scream, "get me out of this basket". Mallori will always remember this was the Christmas that he didn't want to be photographed.

Two cute Parrotts!

These girlies were so funny! They had a new pose for me with each click. They were setting up their own poses and doing quite a great job at it!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ethan & Ella revised storyboards


Wow, this was easy! And so fast as well. I am so used to working with kids under four that I forgot how fast a session could be with older kids.

Pretty girl, she came in, sat down, knew exactly what to do. I didn't really have to say a word to her, we were honestly done within two minutes, Wow! It was a nice change for the week. Not too long after Jessica's visit all the challenges began again, which I also find "nice" :) Its what I love doing, getting those babies of yours to look my way...love it! Thanks Jessica for the "break"!

The storyboard "Christmas Cutie" above is a 20x20...$170, but can also be created in a 12x12...$55. This Christmas card directly above is a 5x5...$2, cards can also be custom made in a 5x7, envelopes are included.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Joyce's

I had the joy of working with sweet Ella before and now I got a little taste of Ethan! Funny boy this one is. He was working so hard to give us just the right smile for his pictures, he did great! And Ella, well, she loved the tree, it was all so new to her.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Norton Art Gallery Appointments Available

I will be at Norton on Saturday the 18th for family portraits with families that are scheduled until 4:30pm. If you are interested in having any type of outdoor photos on that day after 4:30pm please call to make an appointment. I will be there only for a short time before the sun goes down. These slots will go fast, first call first serve of course. :) Prices will be the same as below, if you are wanting individual prints those prices are located on my website. Thank you.


Here is my sweet little niece Livia, at her best, these photos capture the very personality that is her. A bit to her self, a bit timid, but give her something to love on and shes gone! So cute! I'm sure she thinks Shell Shell was born with a lense attatched to one of her eyes.

This storyboard and the one below are both 10x20 in size, they are priced at $75; for more information on storyboards please visit my website at: www.MichelleJPhoto.com

Christmas Examples

More will be posted as I get time, busy busy busy! I will try to post different arrangement and sizes of storyboards. Greeting Cards will be $2.00 ea. (4x6, 4x8, 5x7)