Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye Gerber

My youngest blessing is now over 8 months old as of the 16th of December. He is on the move! Anderson started crawling on December 15th....I was cleaning the playroom, crawling myself and I looked behind me to see that I had a follower, I started screaming "Ken, Ken!"...I finished picking up a few things and then ran for the video camera. I was so happy! Both Landon and Alli started crawling right at 6 months, but this kiddo just wanted to take him time, and with the way that he moves around furniture I was beginning to think he was going to by-pass the whole deal, I'm so glad he didn't, I'm sure crawling has something to do with their development and should take place.

He has never been one for the baby food, but give him table food to be eaten by himself and he is on cloud nine. I can't do this with every meal as it does create quite a mess but it sure is a joy to watch him dive into a bowl of Poppyseed Chicken :)

I am beginning to venture out a bit more here and there without him on the weekends....I just kind of hand him over to daddy and take off :) Ken is great with fact I was losing it last night when I couldn't get him to calm down and fall asleep...I gave him tylenol, orajel, rocked him, swayed him, ssshhhed him, sang to him, fed him, patted him and then took him for a drive as a last ditch effort, to which the screaming got worse. I had NO clue what to do next!! In a moment of weakness and needing to vent I called Ken who was on him way to Arkansas to duck hunt, he told me he wanted to talk to Anderson (yeah, there we go, give the phone to the 8 month old!) Ken began to sing to him over the speakerphone and not only put Anderson to sleep but Landon as well HA! Can you believe that? I was so relieved! Thank you honey, I know twenty minutes of non-stop Twinkle Twinkle can't be good on the ol' esophogus :)

Anderson has started letting go and just standing alone without holding on to anything a few times a day now, he is so brave! I can't imagine a little guy his size walking, but maybe. He is such a happy baby and smiles all of the time. When he is really sleepy his pats himself on the face. He pats his mouth while saying "aaaahhhh" and claps when you say "yea" or "clap your hands" or "if you are happy and you know it" He just started getting excited when he hears music on tv, and bouncing just the slightest while standing. Speaking of standing, that is all this kid wants to do. Imagine laying down with the baby to feed and within a few seconds he is almost standing straight up with, well, it's not a bottle I'll tell you that...still in his mouth. :)

This has been a really tough 8 months, I hate to say that I'm glad his first birthday is coming up because I know I'm going to be regretting that really soon, it does go by so fast, but at around one years old there are more "normal" days then there are crazy days. In another two weeks I will be updating for his nine months, where does the time go?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recent sessions, including my love bugs...

Oh my goodness, it has been so busy at our house...every week since the 1st of October we have had a ton of things to do, and with Christmas season being my craziest time of year business wise, I am just now able to post some sessions. I have done my best to post from sessions that are still on my computer, tons of storyboards below because it is so much faster to post a board than it is 6-12 photos from one session. I was beginning to get jealous with all of the Christmas cards coming through my house because I was thinking I wasn't going to have time or the patients to have a session with my babies. I'm happy to say that I sent my cards out this morning, now on the birthday invites for Landon! It NEVER ends!! AAAHHHHH!!!....enjoy the photos below :)