Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emma Lynne

What a precious baby girl! No matter what we did with her she stayed fast asleep. Well, I loved so many of the photos we ended up with and I had a hard time choosing which ones to post so here are four and I'll save the other ones for her mom and dad, who I mention were great troopers as well!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Landon's Birthday Party

Saturday was the big man's party...whhewww, well, I was a wee bit stressed out, which Nana witnessed when she showed up with all the balloons, what a help! The boy didn't take not one nap all day, he was overly clingy and you all know what I mean. I am so surprised that I got the house in order as I did. Including the laundry room! Yea! Which was great because I look over during dinner to see my brother in law Dale and cousin Eddie eating in there. Just when you think you got a big enough house for anything...

Well stress or no stress the show must go on and so it did. I never know how the party thing goes, yes, for the first party of course I would invite the entire family. This is a time that I'm thankful that my family doesn't live close by because we would have to rent out a dance hall or something to accomodate everyone. I'm not sure if family recieves the invite and thinks, "another party?" or if they think, "another party!" <-with a smile on their face.

A relief to family reading this, Alli's 4th birthday will be held at the Young Chefs Academy and I am only inviting her friends to this one because of space, so you are off the hook! Except for Nana and Pop you might want to come!

A little sugar from my family...

Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, I had to post this as soon as it came to me, if not, it would have been a simple blog forgotten about. So due to the quicktiality <--hey, don't act like you've never made up your own words before...hence no pic to go with it. Well, actually as this happened my thought was, "I am grabbing the camera taking a snap of this pathetic face". But the camera was in the car and I didn't dare leave this kid.

I suppose it doesn't take long to forget how things happened with your first child, like at what age they started to do this...or that...

I tell Ken all of the time that I left my mind in the delivery room...can I get an amen?

Seriously though, it seems as if Landon has hit this age where he is just all the time getting himself in to situations where there is a "bo bo" or it might be "boo boo" in your house.

Yesterday he fell off of Alli's bed, those of you who have seen her room know how high that is, to make things worse on his way down he hit the front of his face on the corner of her steps. I thank my wonderful maker that he allowed this to be a lesson learned for me with slight consequences. You see, when I ran back to Alli's room after hearing the "thunk", Landon was face down hardly breathing because it probably hurt my baby soooo bad, he lifted his head up to me and had a huge bump right between his eyes.

My lesson:
1. Watch my babies with more eyes then given to me.
2. Teach Alli that she is only to pick up brother when permission is given from an adult.
3. Never ever pull brother up onto your bed.
4. And of course to tell her it wasn't your fault.

What could have happened:
Well, I don't know, blindness, bleeding to the brain, not sure, I'm no doctor.

Anyway, that was yesterday, today, I pulled his little tikes bench into the doorway to give him breakfast so that he could watch cartoons as well, well the little dare devil stood up on the bench seat and fell forward onto the tile and smacked the left side of his face onto the tile.

These are going to be some kind of abusive looking birthday pics tomorrow.

My first thought was to give him a big dose of tylenol, poor thing, and you know they look at you like, "how could you have let this happen to me." It's the same look they give you right after 3-4 shots.

Pray for my kids saftey you guys! ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alot of warming up took place after out little outside adventure in the freezing cold!

Landon couldn't figure out why I wouldn't let him put the wood in the fire place. He is such a big boy, he picked the log up and started putting it in towards the fire, like he watches his daddy do all of the time. And the photo below portrays a little boy scared when his mommy was yelling, "HOT! Landon NO!", poor thing looks so frightened. Hey, I know what your thinking...and yes I might have risked a little burnt finger for a cute picture. Oh, stop, I'm just kidding, I was right there! ;)

I love how the highlights turned out on the black and white set. Also the lighting was perfect on her face:

F/1.0 -stop

Exp. 1/140
ISO 400
Well, this isn't a picture from the Valentine session, but whenn she put these things on they were so cute on her, I just had to snap away!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Save the Date Pics

Lacy & Willie's Proofs

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our Virginia Trip

I know I'm doing these blogs a bit out of order but I need to post them before its been a month ago.

This was our first trip as a family on a plane, instead of me with two kids, so it was a lot easier. Everything went smoothly at the airport and on the plane this time. I knew it would happen that way. So that Ken, would think I'm crazy for all the times I came home or called him complaining about how awful the plane ride and transitions were. But oh well.

We went with my family to Williamsburg, I highly recomend it, we had a great time, lots to see, and lots to shop!

Ken and I were actually able to leave the kids with my parents for a couple of days and head up to Maryland where we stayed in Baltimore. We had such a great time just the two of us. We made reservations for a hotel on the harbor, and when we got up to our room we didn't expect the view to be as beautiful as it was, we loved it!

We walked around town a bit that night after dinner, just checking it out to see what we wanted to do in the morning. We stopped at ESPN Zone, which was a lot of fun as well, I like that kind of thing, and did the Barnes and Nobel thing. The next day we hit up a sports museum, the harbor, downtown streets, shops and a couple of malls.

While we were at lunch in Five Guys, the California Pizza Kitchen caught on fire and the mall filled with smoke, so that was exciting, yes, I got pictures of it as well.

Anyway, I much enjoyed my time with my family and my man, you will find a bunch of pics below.

Ken & Kate

Well, I finally got to meet my brothers girlfriend Kate...after hearing so much about her from my mom and Ken himself it was about time. She is so nice, and perfect for him. She treats him like he deserves, he is such a nice guy. It felt as if we had known eachother for awhile, which was great, and hopefully if there is a proposal, I will be snapping away at their wedding! Oh, how I wish I lived near my brothers.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Landon's First Birthday

My precious boy is one today! He woke up early about 5:30 am to say Good Morning just long enough before drifting off again for me to tell him "Happy Birthday", I sang it softly to him in bed this morning as he just grinned at me letting me rock him. So sweet this one is! You can't help but love on him with his big cheesey smile, squinted eyes, and scrunched nose. He's practically edible.

He is my most favorite little man in all the world, and I am so thankful to have been blessed with his very being. I love having a playmate for Alli, and another personality to discover. Oh how this year flew by, I feel as though I didn't take enough time to capture each little new moment of his first year. Of course with Alli the video camera was out all of the time, and with Landon, I haven't even video taped his first steps.

I had a great time with him at Norton this afternoon; Angela took Alli to a birthday party and I was able to get his first birthday pictures taken just him and I and it was so quiet there, just us, being mama and boy, I loved it!