Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, I had to post this as soon as it came to me, if not, it would have been a simple blog forgotten about. So due to the quicktiality <--hey, don't act like you've never made up your own words before...hence no pic to go with it. Well, actually as this happened my thought was, "I am grabbing the camera taking a snap of this pathetic face". But the camera was in the car and I didn't dare leave this kid.

I suppose it doesn't take long to forget how things happened with your first child, like at what age they started to do this...or that...

I tell Ken all of the time that I left my mind in the delivery room...can I get an amen?

Seriously though, it seems as if Landon has hit this age where he is just all the time getting himself in to situations where there is a "bo bo" or it might be "boo boo" in your house.

Yesterday he fell off of Alli's bed, those of you who have seen her room know how high that is, to make things worse on his way down he hit the front of his face on the corner of her steps. I thank my wonderful maker that he allowed this to be a lesson learned for me with slight consequences. You see, when I ran back to Alli's room after hearing the "thunk", Landon was face down hardly breathing because it probably hurt my baby soooo bad, he lifted his head up to me and had a huge bump right between his eyes.

My lesson:
1. Watch my babies with more eyes then given to me.
2. Teach Alli that she is only to pick up brother when permission is given from an adult.
3. Never ever pull brother up onto your bed.
4. And of course to tell her it wasn't your fault.

What could have happened:
Well, I don't know, blindness, bleeding to the brain, not sure, I'm no doctor.

Anyway, that was yesterday, today, I pulled his little tikes bench into the doorway to give him breakfast so that he could watch cartoons as well, well the little dare devil stood up on the bench seat and fell forward onto the tile and smacked the left side of his face onto the tile.

These are going to be some kind of abusive looking birthday pics tomorrow.

My first thought was to give him a big dose of tylenol, poor thing, and you know they look at you like, "how could you have let this happen to me." It's the same look they give you right after 3-4 shots.

Pray for my kids saftey you guys! ;)


Anonymous said...

Here is the deal...Landon is a boy and boys like to see what happens when they get really close to the edge of the bed (you know just right before they fall off) and often they do end up falling. I am sure Landon is going to have lots of is just in the makeup of a boy. Maybe we should start praying that you can handle all of Landon's falls.

laura said...

I've noticed with my kids, they always tend to get a scratch, bruise, etc. on their face or neck or somewhere very visible, right before picture day. I don't know what it is, but they always know when to look their worst :) I guess they already know how bad my memory is, so they get scars to show in pictures so that I can remember what happened to them after they get big! Good luck with yours!!

Anonymous said...

Avery stuck her fingers in an outlet on her birthday...yep, she could take off the covers and amidst the chaos of getting ready for the party she just stuck those little fingers right in there. I heard a "zap" and saw the outlet cover burnt up and cracked. Poor Avery had a huge mark right between her eyes. We attribute the fact that all of the "stick people" she draws have arms coming out of their heads, to that day. Other than that, she seems to be fine! :0)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok your gonna need to know now. Shell, 1. God only gave you two eyes.
2. Boys live on the edge.
3. And then they fall off.
4. Often.
5. Even when they're grown up.
6. God help us all. (Mothers/Women)

Love, Mama