Monday, August 18, 2008

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Anderson Brady is 4 months old today, I guess I should start planning for his birthday pretty soon! Oh how my babies are growing so fast...

Weighing in at a whopping 17 pounds 5 ounces
(Alli was just one once more at this age)
I've noticed his dark brown hair is getting thinner and being replaced with tones of red
He reaches for this mama which just melts my heart
Still wakes at night
Still only wants me to feed him
His eczema seems to be doing better this week, could be the $280 Elidel that we splurged on, yeah thats right almost three hundred dollars for one tube
He just talks and talks, and it is so cute when we are driving for him to just start a conversation with no one, perhaps the soft elephant that is dangling from his car seat, I don't know
He has started to watch Baby Einstein a couple of times a week and loves it, especially the part when the baby faces show up, he just coos and coos
When I'm getting ready to feed him he lets out a laugh in excitement about it
He started wearing size 3 diapers
He has tasted apple juice, ice cream, sweet tea and sprite (oh stop, it was only just a bit)
He got his first cold and started his first medicine today as well

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is so sweet, these kids missing teeth together, how many people have photos of them and their friends looking like Jack O Lanterns together?! It is so nice to be able to get together without them fighting or being weird to each other anymore. I guess they are growing up and putting their differences know the differences I'm talking about: One is a boy and the other is a girl. Silly kids!

And these two boys could care less! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anderson at 3 months old

My Cutie-Patutie is almost four months old now, so I'm needing to post his three month update...

At this point he was working on getting a hold of things, poor thing was trying so hard too, he just wanted this butterfly so badly. He was also very verbal and loud too at times, still just a calm little guy though not much fussiness from him. He loves his Alli and Landon, and just smiles and coos any time he gets a glimpse of them. He has gotten to the point where he won't take any bottles what so ever, we are working on it, but it just isn't a big deal right now, and by the time I'm ready to leave him with someone else for longer periods at a time he will be eating less often anyway. He loves sitting outside listening to Jack Johnson while his daddy hits golf balls in the front yard, and falls asleep easiest if held really close and tight, with a quick swaying back and forth. He takes three naps throughout the day, little naps, but they are naps, praise God! He doesn't yet sleep through the night, but only wakes up once to eat. His four month update will be made next week, stay tuned for more milestones :)

Brookshire Family

Camping with Friends...

You know, our style of camping...

On the lake, in a house, in a bed, with A/C...

We had our friends Justin and Jenny with their two kiddos, Claira and Walker over for the weekend at Kenny and Debbie's Lake house, and we really had a great time...the kids played well together, lots of sun, a couple of naps, great food...

Lots of Firsts!

So many first things...Anderson's first boat ride was this past weekend on the 9th.
It didn't take long for him to fall asleep and get wind burnt cheeks, but he sure did look cute!

More Swim Photos

I wonder if they will remember the long hot days of Louisiana Summers, where we (as Mommy and Daddy) did our very best to embrace it with moments in the pool, on the slip n slide, at the water fountains?...How they screamed and laughed when their daddy would throw them up in the air, and they would ask for more...I will remember...

Baby's First Swim

We have waited and waited to put this boy in the water, only because of his eczema, I didn't want to irritate it, and make it worse...all of my kids have it, Anderson's is the worst though out of the three.

He loved it, thought it was a big bath I'm sure, but a bath where Daddy can play with him too

I must write the date so that I won't forget when I get around to filling out his baby book...
First Swim was at Nana and Pops house on August 2nd 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Alli had her first drum lesson this past Thursday night with Luke, and she was soooo excited...every five minutes she kept asking about where he was and telling me he was late, even though it was still two hours until he was suppose to be there. Oh my crazy girl! I might preface this with the fact that she has had a crush on him since she was about 2 and a half...and now that Luke has graduated high school he is in the college class that Ken and I teach on Sundays, so we see quite a lot of Luke and Alli gets oh so giddy evey time we get to hang out with him.

This was the same day as our lemonaid stand so she was a bit sweaty and I asked her if she wanted me to brush her hair out before Luke came over and her response was:
"Mom, are you tying to get him to have a crush on me, because that can't happen we are two weeks apart!"
Sad thing is, is they are 13 years apart and it will never happen, but it is so cute to watch, I feel bad for Luke though because she follows him around like a puppy dog. She finds strength and fearlessness when he is around as well, I'm telling you, it is the funniest thing to watch. I once stayed up for hours and hours looking up interesting facts about classic rock and roll to impress a guy, you know AC DC, Journey, Led Zepplin...I was 18 and he was 26, I at least had a chance :)

The lessons went great, I think, I tried to stay away as much as I could, she seemed to get this goofy smile when I came out, like I might be interrupting them or something so I kept my distance. What a cool thing to get to do at such an early age!

Before he left I asked him if I could get a pic of the two of them, to which Alli ran away from the drum set saying, "Don't let her do it Luke, don't let her!" He talked her into it, check out her smirk, she will be asking for this photo after I develop it:)

It's Gone

At our last dentist appointment this past April, we found out Alli had two loose baby teeth on the bottom and that they would be falling out really soon, well, we have been waiting and waiting and waiting. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about this girls teeth :) Last night after being tucked in she came out saying her tooth just didn't feel right, I thought it was an excuse to stay up, but sure enough it was on the verge of falling out, so since I can't deal with nasty stuff like that I called in the reinforcements...Daddy.

She was so emotionally attached to her little tooth, she just didn't want to let it go, poor thing. Ken told her to close her eyes and pop, it was out, and even though it was past nine pm we had to start making some phone calls.

I asked her to smile for her first photo without her baby too
th and she gave me the most pitiful smile, so we tried again, and it was a little better...even Landon got out of bed to see what all the commotion was about. He thinks his teeth are falling out now.

We left her some goodies under her pillow for this morning which made her so happy to wake up to, I told her that that was her very first baby tooth ever, {which was first discovered on: September 07, 2003 6 months and 1 day after her birth} and that everything baby left about her was now falling out...she said, "So thats why you are so sad!" I guess through my smiles and excitement she could tell it was a bit of a sad moment for this mommy.

This morning Ken left early to play golf but Alli wanted to send him a note to say hi and remind him of all the happenings last night, it was quite sweet, and also a great element for her scrapbook page (always thinking like a scrapper!)too. The first part of the email is his response, her note is in purple, but then again it is 2008 and you all could have figured it out on your own:)


That's awesome my baby girl. I can't believe you lost a tooth already, you are getting so big!

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hi dad goodmorneng its toothfery day i got a loos tooth i kant blev that i slept wethout mi tooth i love you dad

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