Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's Gone

At our last dentist appointment this past April, we found out Alli had two loose baby teeth on the bottom and that they would be falling out really soon, well, we have been waiting and waiting and waiting. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about this girls teeth :) Last night after being tucked in she came out saying her tooth just didn't feel right, I thought it was an excuse to stay up, but sure enough it was on the verge of falling out, so since I can't deal with nasty stuff like that I called in the reinforcements...Daddy.

She was so emotionally attached to her little tooth, she just didn't want to let it go, poor thing. Ken told her to close her eyes and pop, it was out, and even though it was past nine pm we had to start making some phone calls.

I asked her to smile for her first photo without her baby too
th and she gave me the most pitiful smile, so we tried again, and it was a little better...even Landon got out of bed to see what all the commotion was about. He thinks his teeth are falling out now.

We left her some goodies under her pillow for this morning which made her so happy to wake up to, I told her that that was her very first baby tooth ever, {which was first discovered on: September 07, 2003 6 months and 1 day after her birth} and that everything baby left about her was now falling out...she said, "So thats why you are so sad!" I guess through my smiles and excitement she could tell it was a bit of a sad moment for this mommy.

This morning Ken left early to play golf but Alli wanted to send him a note to say hi and remind him of all the happenings last night, it was quite sweet, and also a great element for her scrapbook page (always thinking like a scrapper!)too. The first part of the email is his response, her note is in purple, but then again it is 2008 and you all could have figured it out on your own:)


That's awesome my baby girl. I can't believe you lost a tooth already, you are getting so big!

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From: My love Michelle Jenkins
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hi dad goodmorneng its toothfery day i got a loos tooth i kant blev that i slept wethout mi tooth i love you dad

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Angela said...

Awww, how sad and exciting all at once! Her pictures remind me alot of Hayden's pics...too funny! We just pulled his THIRD tooth this morning -- CRAZY, huh?

Can you believe our babies are losing their teeth? The picture of Alli as a baby is so sweet!

Candy said...

VERY SWEET!!! They are growing up! Ethan still hasn't lost any teeth and he really wants to! I figure he will change his mind when he sees the blood!

destiny said...

That is so sweet!
We have been talking A LOT about teeth around here too!! Just this morning we discovered that Emma Kate's tooth is loose. She was a little late getting teeth so that makes her a little late losing her first one. She is so nervous. I tell her its normal and it doesn't really hurt. Tonight, she asked me if she would just have to eat applesause for awhile until all of her teeth came back in. I guess I wasn't real clear on them coming back in as soon as you loose one!
Its so exciting! And a little sad for us mommies!

Jen said...

I keep waiting for Seth to have a loose tooth because Jonathan lost his first one when he was Seth's age right now. Guess each kid is different though! Poor thing crying, but glad she was rewarded for it!

Ken Jenkins said...

I can't get over how much Anderson looks like Alli in that last pic. His hair is just a little darker. But they are all soooo cute!

Martha said...

Awe, she looks so sad in her pictures...trying to smile after her tooth came out! That's such a cute note she sent to Ken! I know he loved getting that from his sweet girl!

Rachel said...

Very Cute! You are gonna have a little rockstar!
I need to get drum lessons for Jakobe. Every since he started playing RockBand he's developed an interest.