Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crowned Queen!

I'll post more after Bitsy picks her favorites...

Ken's 30!

His parents and I threw him a surprise birthday party, I called people and they threw the party really...He had no clue! I couldn't believe we actually surprised him.

The night before the girls came over and TPed the house and put black balloons in his car and painted all over his windows....I'll inform you of this just in case I'm not the only stupid home owner out not "okay" a TP to your own may rain shortly after, causing the toilet paper to melt into the grass leaving track marks everywhere, oh yeah and it might cause the red paint on the car to wash off and stain the concrete...moving on.

Landon and I made cupcakes for daddy and took them to his work along with balloons and cards, Landon loves it when mommy bakes, because that always means theres a spoon a bowl to be licked :)

He needed reinforcements to help him blow out all of the candles, no seriously we sand "Happy Birthday" four times, until he blew them all out...

His favorite gift of the evening was his autographed Deuce McAllister football. What do you do with something like this? Well you move your wife's photographs off of the mantel and replace it with the piece of marked on sports equiptment for all the neighbors to see, I guess...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

These invites turned out so cute I had to share

Got Makeup?

Yeah, ummm....he may be borderline metro sexual...he likes it when his eyes are noticeable, and yes, he may decide to use that mascara as a lip gloss, a little bit of a "goth" look for the day...listen, it's cute when he puts sissy's bracelets on and when he walks around the house holding a purse, but when he finds his way to my makeup bag, this mamma's not so happy. He was just watching cartoons applying his "face" for the day when I walked into the living room, you might say I was on the computer or something like that, I immediately picked him up did the "no no!" thing and put him in the tub to wait until I could grab my camera, this isn't bad, it could have been a lot worse. Thank God for the leather sofa! :)

I love her that much...

I bought this book for my baby girl when she was a baby. Her Aunt BiBi started saying this to her and she would stretch her arms out wide and say, "Deees mah". Boy do I miss the days where our conversations were two half words long, he he just kidding, kinda :) Anyway, the other night I walked in to tuck her in and she was propped up reading and I thought how cute would a pic of those feet be? Well here they are and the one below is of her when she was a year and a half with her arms stretched out wide. (The photo below was done at Target in Shreveport)

Is this normal?

No, its exactly what you're thinking! Yes, she's in a bath tub. She asked if she could sleep in the tub and I told her to ask daddy just knowing that he would tell her no, but he didn't :) She was so excited, I think she thought she had her own little studio apartment of something. Why can't we find joy in sleeping in a tub? HA!

I really didn't think she would even be able to fall asleep in the bathroom and all, but we set up a movie for her to watch and she was all set, she slept in their all night. My crazy girl!

Another Fourth of July

I love this one!

You can't have a Fourth of July Party without watermelon, now can ya?

This photo is funny, Alli is all into the excitement of the noise and smoke and lights, and Landon's just plain freaked out :)

Please tell me I'm not the only dumb mother that lets their one year old play with fireworks...

Welcome to "Jenkins Idol", this started out with Alli singing to everyone and then Landon made his way up onto an ice chest and then Livy needed a stage as well, this was just about as loud as the fireworks, and a bit more annoying :)

A quick pic in their matching outfits before all of the festivities and those clean shirts become messy ones.

Hey my thought is, if they don't want to smile at the camera do what they're doing, it usually makes for a cute picture, and no, my finger isn't really in my nose...or is it? :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm so impressed

I may be a little partial when it comes to choosing a photographer...Me! But I will admit that I find it a tad difficult to photograph both my children together and actually come out with a shot that I just love...a shot that I would pay big money to have on my wall. My friend and photographer Terrie Perez did our family portraits last month and I LOVE them! The moment happened so fast, Landon was playing on the swing and smiling at Terri's girls, and I was shouting to Alli, "Hurry get on the swing, hold brother smile at Mrs. Terri!" And she got it...I was much impressed, you can click on her name to be taken to her site, and if you choose to go to her please tell her I sent you, maybe I'll get a discount! :)

A Trip to San Antonio