Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm so impressed

I may be a little partial when it comes to choosing a photographer...Me! But I will admit that I find it a tad difficult to photograph both my children together and actually come out with a shot that I just love...a shot that I would pay big money to have on my wall. My friend and photographer Terrie Perez did our family portraits last month and I LOVE them! The moment happened so fast, Landon was playing on the swing and smiling at Terri's girls, and I was shouting to Alli, "Hurry get on the swing, hold brother smile at Mrs. Terri!" And she got it...I was much impressed, you can click on her name to be taken to her site, and if you choose to go to her please tell her I sent you, maybe I'll get a discount! :)


Steve said...

It's always more fun to work along side other Pro's instead of staying inside our own box.

Great looking kids and I know you both have fun capturing images,
it is what it is all about !

Sharing the joy of what we photographers do.


Candy said...

That is a very good picture!!

destiny said...

Sweet babies!!! Love that picture!

Angela said...

I agree with everyone else...these pictures are great along with the picture of you and Ken.

Terrie Perez said...

I just want to say what a great job your photographer did on those portraits. By the way, where is my copy? Let me just say that I had a ton of fun that day, and hope that you will make me look as good as you look in that pic of you and Ken.

Michelle, you are an awesome photographer yourself, and I am very glad that we have become friends.


Autumn said...

This is a wonderful picture both of there eyes or so bright. I am kind of loyal to this Jenkins girl though. She knows how to handle my daughter with the attitude.

Laura said...

That picture is beautiful - and it's a great picture of you & Ken also. I know that picture has been there for a little while, but I thought I would chime in on it, too!