Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alvin, Simon, Theodore, LANDON!

Now does this boy not look like one of the Chipmunks or what?

So pregnant together!

Kristy and I have done this before with Connor and Landon, but I was only 4 months when she had him so I wasn't really "pregnant" looking. But with these pregnancies, the due dates are only 3 weeks apart, but with Kristy going in 10 days early will make them a month apart. But who knows maybe I will have my baby early too!

Papaws Back!

Papaw made it back to Bossier City this afternoon and the kids were so excited to see him! After the guys unloaded the boat and put some things in the garage Alli wanted to have a basketball game with him. Alli and Landon in the back of Papaws truck.

Alli showing off her mad skills...she made four baskets with the goal up at 6 and a half feet! I couldn't believe it!

She was making Papaw rebound for her until he told her that going after the ball after shooting was something she had to do. I would shoot more hoops if I had my own personal rebounder.

My mom and sissy will be her this coming Thursday just in time for my baby shower, yea! They will be staying with us until the weekend when their moving trucks will be here. Can't wait to see what it is like to have both sets of grandparents in the same town!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nesting, that's it!

Thank you girls for bringing this craziness to my attention...nesting! My parents are coming to town and I do want things to be organized and pretty around here, but cleaning the hair out of my brushes? This can only be explained with the "Mama Bird" theory! I will say the brushes look brand new, removed the hair and let them sit with disinfectant spray for ten minutes then rinsed with hot water, voila!

And this here above just had to be done. The kids drawers were just screaming at me to organize them. And now that I have done this I have two EMPTY drawers! They were that messy. You all think I'm some clean freak but now you know the truth. Except for the fact that I am now a clean freak again, HA! Ask me about my drawers in a month it probably won't even take me that long to throw everything in them again. So the photo above makes doing girls hair easier. Clips on bottom, pony tail holders in the middle and the little top drawer is for fingernail clippers, dental floss, combs, pins, fingernail filers, etc. Can you believe that I own six pairs of fingernail clippers and 5 containers of dental floss? And yet I'm always looking for those two things. There was probably one of each in every room of the house and after going through all of the rooms I brought them together again. Oh, I hope this lasts! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Clean is Your House?

How often do you ladies pull out your washer/dryer and clean behind and underneath? I can hear the gasps around Haughton as you all look at the photo above. This June will be 3 years since we moved into our home and I have only done this twice. I'm being pretty transparent with all of you by showing you this photo above. There was probably 50 dryer sheets, three pairs of undergarments, lots of change, laundry soap and sand...yeah, sand, hmmm. Not to mention gum wrappers, chap stick lids <--don't ask, a couple crayons and other little pieces of trash. Oh yeah and a paint brush roller.

We have more socks than anyone else I know. I am always buying socks. It's a thing from my childhood but that is another blog. I love new socks! Not crazy colored/patterned socks, just good ol' white socks. Anyway, we have so many that they don't all fit in the drawers so for the past year or so when I'm folding laundry I'll pair the socks together and throw them in a basket. Now, the kids socks usually end up in their drawers but Ken's and mine are together in the basket. Because of this he has left the house wearing my brown dress socks. I know I have big feet but he is a size 13 that couldn't have been comfortable. So my solution to being a better wife and homemaker for my husband was that I put all of his white socks in his sock drawer but his dress socks got organized into three drawers, black, blue and brown. Now in the morning he just pulls out the pair he needs and never makes the mistake of wearing blue socks with black pants.

Most of you know that I'm pretty bad when it comes to keeping up with laundry but I think with the coming of this third baby I've changed. I have done so well this last month with it all. Where it was a lot of work to do tons of laundry at the end of a week or two (eekkk), it's not that bad doing a load a day.

When we built the house I wanted a lot of counter space in the laundry room so that I could fold away, but all that did for me was give me a lot of room to pile up the clean clothes as they made their way out of the dryer. Now that I'm doing so much better the counter top stays clear and what a perfect place to put all of my scrapbooking things! Now I have a place for me, I've wanted my own space so bad. Yes, it is in the laundry room but it's mine! I've already scraped a couple of pages there. Thank goodness we vented that room.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gallbladders, Dinosaurs, and Sand

I can't wait for him to get passed this "smile" phase, he closes his eyes really tight and tilts his head. I love it though! I don't however love the fact that I got the word "Gynecology" to the right of him, HA!

Yeah, I know, you could just kiss him!

Me enjoying my morning mocha, decaf I might add for those sticklers to prego practices. Landon staring at it wanting yet another sip, my kids are just as addicted as I.

Kiddos in the "little waiting room" with me, this photo turned out so cute, even though they are right next to the biohazard trash can, what can I say?

This is one of the extremely cool rocks I wrote about below, and then Alli making her way to the top, great photo, just look at that blue sky.

I had a doctors appointment today and took the kids along. I wasn't crazy about the idea of taking Landon as he can get a bit out of hand on the right day, but I thought this would be a cute scrapbook page for baby Anderson. The kids were well behaved and Alli got to check for the baby's heartbeat while Landon weighed and measured himself. I did lose some weight at this appointment so they are doing a liver screening thing and then I go back in for an ultrasound on my gallbladder since it is causing me oh so much pain everyday and I'm getting nauseated from it all, so hopefully all is well there. We are however having it removed right after the delivery of little bit. This is a thing that is pregnancy induced however we don't want a crazy out of no where episode with it after the baby is out and who knows this mama may want a fourth kiddo, so we are just going to take that thing out!

After the appointment since the kids were so good and the weather was beautiful I took them to the park to let them get some energy out so that I could have a restful afternoon. Ken told me he saw a park in the Brownlee area so we went by and it was a really nice park. From Airline Drive you turn left on Brownlee and then right on Old Brownlee and the park is on the left. The street traffic was quiet and the park was large with several different things to do, including a rock wall, several slides, ramps, play things, ect. A lady there said the park was only 3 months old and that they are building a pond and a sprinkler/water park area for the kids and that will be done by this Summer. The park was gated and pretty far set back from the street. It's North Bossier Park. Anyway, if you all are out by Target or Willis Knighton and want a nice park to play at this would be the one. There are no swings which is good and bad, my kids love to swing but I really don't love to push them :) Just wanted to spread the word.


Angela tagged me so I am going to do this but I'm not going to tag anyone else because I didn't want to do this so I'm thinking no one else does, thanks a lot Angela! :)

The details: List 7 random things that people may not know about you. The rules are to link the person who sent this to you and leave a comment on their blog so their readers can visit yours. Post the rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Born and raised in California. Fruit or Nut? Neither one I hope but yet people say it to me all of the time. I never knew people in California were gawked at so much until I left the state. They do have their issues but I really don't think it is the entire population, hence me!

2. I can pop my big toes, both of them, just by bending my toes back and forth, no hands, yep, very strange.

3. I hate to talk on the phone, and yet I have friends who know this and continue to call me. Okay, that made me smile, because now I'm going to complain about no one ever calling me :)

4. I don't eat processed cheese...well, all cheese is put through some kind of process but I'm talking about the fake stuff, Velveeta, cheese in a can, queso, if it's not cheddar it's not going in my food. I feel so strongly about it that I am that rude person that will ask if there is any in the dish that I'm about to eat. I'm not a rude person, I just can't stand the stuff.

5. I've moved 18 times since I was born, and my family isn't military.

6. I started doing photography by tacking a sheet to my wall and inviting my friends over to have a fun picture party and well, here I am now.

7. My daughter and I have the same middle name.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If you fell in love with the images from Lily's session "Baby in a tutu" as I did, and you have a little princess of your own then I am happy to announce that my new tutus are in and just dying to be worn by some precious baby girls. My red and pink tutus are for newborns to 6 months and I also have a white and light pink one for 6 months and up. Thank you Laura for these pretty little skirts!

Rabbit Hunting

Every February the family gets together to celebrate Ken's grandfathers birthday with a good ol' rabbit hunt. Ken and I usually can't go because he has always had to work on Saturdays but this year we were able to join everyone. The guys got their cameo on and loaded the dogs up and headed out to the fields in anticipation of seeing a rabbit or two being chased. This was Landon and Connor's first year to actually go out with the men, very exciting! No rabbits were found on this hunt but all of the guys had a great time doing that guy bonding thing they do.

Landon and Willie, Landon getting news from Alli

Alli on the radio to brother telling them good luck with the hunt

Connor and Landon figuring this whole shootin' thing out

Daddy and Landon

Boo Boo Eddie and Connor practicing with their guns

Landon, Ken, Pop and Papaw Hyman about to leave for the big hunt

Getting Ready for Alli's Birthday...

I have got so much going on here in the next couple of months so one of the first things I think about when I start my day is getting Alli's birthday party planned, and I can put it off no longer. So, Landon went to Mom's Day Out and Alli and I put some invites together this afternoon. They were so quick and easy and I didn't spend hardly a dime on it all, okay, a little more than a dime. I was at Big Lots last week just wasting time and found these blocks of 8x8 scrapbooking paper packs. They have a lot of solid and patterned paper in them, vellum sheets, punch outs, just a bunch of cool little things and only $3.00 for the whole thing. So I got one for me to make birthday cards - "Celebration" and I got one for Alli to scrap her own book for our beach trip as well. Anyway, we ended up using some of the papers inside to make her invites and they turned out really cute. Each kid gets there own "Alli-made" invite and each one is unique.