Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rabbit Hunting

Every February the family gets together to celebrate Ken's grandfathers birthday with a good ol' rabbit hunt. Ken and I usually can't go because he has always had to work on Saturdays but this year we were able to join everyone. The guys got their cameo on and loaded the dogs up and headed out to the fields in anticipation of seeing a rabbit or two being chased. This was Landon and Connor's first year to actually go out with the men, very exciting! No rabbits were found on this hunt but all of the guys had a great time doing that guy bonding thing they do.

Landon and Willie, Landon getting news from Alli

Alli on the radio to brother telling them good luck with the hunt

Connor and Landon figuring this whole shootin' thing out

Daddy and Landon

Boo Boo Eddie and Connor practicing with their guns

Landon, Ken, Pop and Papaw Hyman about to leave for the big hunt


Life as Connor's Mom said...

These pictures are great!!!! I need to get some copies. This would be a really cute scrapbook page!!!!

Angela said...

How cute! I love that they took the little guys.

Laura said...

That is really cute!