Friday, February 22, 2008

Nesting, that's it!

Thank you girls for bringing this craziness to my attention...nesting! My parents are coming to town and I do want things to be organized and pretty around here, but cleaning the hair out of my brushes? This can only be explained with the "Mama Bird" theory! I will say the brushes look brand new, removed the hair and let them sit with disinfectant spray for ten minutes then rinsed with hot water, voila!

And this here above just had to be done. The kids drawers were just screaming at me to organize them. And now that I have done this I have two EMPTY drawers! They were that messy. You all think I'm some clean freak but now you know the truth. Except for the fact that I am now a clean freak again, HA! Ask me about my drawers in a month it probably won't even take me that long to throw everything in them again. So the photo above makes doing girls hair easier. Clips on bottom, pony tail holders in the middle and the little top drawer is for fingernail clippers, dental floss, combs, pins, fingernail filers, etc. Can you believe that I own six pairs of fingernail clippers and 5 containers of dental floss? And yet I'm always looking for those two things. There was probably one of each in every room of the house and after going through all of the rooms I brought them together again. Oh, I hope this lasts! :)


Life as Connor's Mom said...

I feel you on the nesting thing!!! I just wish I had more energy to nest!!! My mom will be here next week to help me finish with all the nesting stuff. I just can't wait to have Colby's room finished and everything put back in it's place.

Kate said...

Does cleaning out my garage o' doom count as nesting? Because if so, the month of March will be declared Nesting Month in honor of your neatly organized bathroom drawers. That is my humongous job for the month of March.

This is exactly what I want my garage to look like: one teeny plastic cubby with three drawers of stuff. Wishful thinking, I know - but it'd be rather nice to be able to park my car in there.

Love it! :)

Angela said...

Michelle, You crack me up with your organization "issues"! I mean issues in a positive way...promise! Listen, I just cleaned my hair brushes out last week. It is great! Kind of gross, too, but it is nice after the "hair ball" is gone.

Regina said...

I am very excited about all your cleaning and organizing-way to go! I'm just going to keep looking at the pictures of your house and pretend it's my house and all sparkly.
I'll eventually have to go back to my hair-filled brushes, I know.

destiny said...

See, I told you!! I remember that feeling!!