Sunday, February 24, 2008

Papaws Back!

Papaw made it back to Bossier City this afternoon and the kids were so excited to see him! After the guys unloaded the boat and put some things in the garage Alli wanted to have a basketball game with him. Alli and Landon in the back of Papaws truck.

Alli showing off her mad skills...she made four baskets with the goal up at 6 and a half feet! I couldn't believe it!

She was making Papaw rebound for her until he told her that going after the ball after shooting was something she had to do. I would shoot more hoops if I had my own personal rebounder.

My mom and sissy will be her this coming Thursday just in time for my baby shower, yea! They will be staying with us until the weekend when their moving trucks will be here. Can't wait to see what it is like to have both sets of grandparents in the same town!


Angela said...

Yippee! I'm excited for you. It is going to be nice to have your parents around.

Kate said...

Yay! I'm so excited they're there!! Ken and I will have to come visit once all the craziness subsides!

destiny said...

I love the look on Landon's face in those pictures.