Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gallbladders, Dinosaurs, and Sand

I can't wait for him to get passed this "smile" phase, he closes his eyes really tight and tilts his head. I love it though! I don't however love the fact that I got the word "Gynecology" to the right of him, HA!

Yeah, I know, you could just kiss him!

Me enjoying my morning mocha, decaf I might add for those sticklers to prego practices. Landon staring at it wanting yet another sip, my kids are just as addicted as I.

Kiddos in the "little waiting room" with me, this photo turned out so cute, even though they are right next to the biohazard trash can, what can I say?

This is one of the extremely cool rocks I wrote about below, and then Alli making her way to the top, great photo, just look at that blue sky.

I had a doctors appointment today and took the kids along. I wasn't crazy about the idea of taking Landon as he can get a bit out of hand on the right day, but I thought this would be a cute scrapbook page for baby Anderson. The kids were well behaved and Alli got to check for the baby's heartbeat while Landon weighed and measured himself. I did lose some weight at this appointment so they are doing a liver screening thing and then I go back in for an ultrasound on my gallbladder since it is causing me oh so much pain everyday and I'm getting nauseated from it all, so hopefully all is well there. We are however having it removed right after the delivery of little bit. This is a thing that is pregnancy induced however we don't want a crazy out of no where episode with it after the baby is out and who knows this mama may want a fourth kiddo, so we are just going to take that thing out!

After the appointment since the kids were so good and the weather was beautiful I took them to the park to let them get some energy out so that I could have a restful afternoon. Ken told me he saw a park in the Brownlee area so we went by and it was a really nice park. From Airline Drive you turn left on Brownlee and then right on Old Brownlee and the park is on the left. The street traffic was quiet and the park was large with several different things to do, including a rock wall, several slides, ramps, play things, ect. A lady there said the park was only 3 months old and that they are building a pond and a sprinkler/water park area for the kids and that will be done by this Summer. The park was gated and pretty far set back from the street. It's North Bossier Park. Anyway, if you all are out by Target or Willis Knighton and want a nice park to play at this would be the one. There are no swings which is good and bad, my kids love to swing but I really don't love to push them :) Just wanted to spread the word.


Candy said...

I have heard about this park, but haven't been there. It looks fun! We'll have to try it out one day. We should all meet there sometime!

Laura said...

Hey, that's nice. I just posted a play date for next Monday on my blog for the park in Haughton...but this looks much better! Anyone can go there I suppose? I might have to see about changing the location!

Angela said...

That looks great and no swing! Yippee! Us parents can just sit around and talk and completely not pay any attention to our children at all :)!

destiny said...

That park looks great! We will have to try it out. Ethan is always asking to go to the park.