Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 Month Mark

Anderson started saying "Mama" on Monday February 9th, and on Wednesday the 11th he took his first two steps! We were so excited about both. He has caught on to our excitement and every time he takes steps he screams and claps his hands. He has six teeth, all of which have completely come through and show up when he smiles, oh how little white things change their looks so much. He had his first big fall this month, falling off of our bed and hitting his nose on the night stand. We went to an ENT after going in to Dr. Sanders to let them clean him up, I didn't want to mess with his nose, it looked really bad. He is fine of course, well except for the scar in between his nostrils now. The doctor said that we won't be able to notice any big damage until he is older, what does that mean? :) He will still be cute even if he ends up having a crooked nose. He also had his first ER visit as well...this really shouldn't count as I would have not brought him in for a fever, but when I mentioned to Nana that the Tylenol wasn't bringing it down and it actualy was rising she suggested that I call the doctor. And on a Sunday you get a nurse on call and all she can tell you is to take him in, so in we went, three hours of my life I will never get back ;) He says "Bra" for brother, not to tell me to put one on, hehehehe :) He loves to put blankets over his head to play peek-a-boo, and he also went for his first ride in Landon's power wheel, don't have a pic of it though, boo on me. The photos above are his first little ride on the red car, he loved it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Goings On Around Here...

Landon all Southern Soil'd up....on this day Ken took him to work with him for a few hours, and he said he needed to wear camo to go to work with daddy

Alli is all into skateboarding now...she is so cute, and yes Ken and I have both gotten on the board just to show her a little of our 80's skilzzzz...I won't tell you which one of us fell...

For Valentines Day we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to the "purple" park, the one on Youree Drive

Lately I have been trying to get photos of all three of my kiddos together, I have to be on top of my game though because that little one moves too fast...strap him in a car, put him on a chair where he won't want to crawl off of, those kind of things...I don't know when I'm going to try and get some professional photos done of them...

Jason and Erin got married on Saturday the 7th....everything was beautiful and they were both so happy...Ken and I got down and crazy on the dance floor during the reception, can't wait to see what photos Kelly got of that ;)

Ken's Pawpaw past away on Friday...I got to see him about a week and a half before his death...such a good, sweet, loving man. I was leaving his house and forgot to hug him and love on him, so I ran back in to do so, I'm so glad I got to squeeze him one last time and hear him tell me to take care of his boy (Ken). These are all of his grandsons by the dogs that they brought out to the funeral. All of the dogs started yelping away when the Hurse passed by, it was very sweet. The photo below is my son peeing behind a tree not but 25 feet away from the cemetary, I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go...Aunt Erin off to rescue him from mooning all of the guests.

Ken's beautiful Mawmaw

This was the family tree I got to draw in the cement after it settled a bit...I did do it in the "just about" dark with no light, and made only one mistake, sorry Aaron :)

Me and my littley guy...I never get a good pic of us together because he always wants to make a goofy face, when I developed these I couldn't believe we were both smiling at the camera

Alli and I at the rehersal dinner, can you tell she's mine? :)

Some snapshots of dance class, she's getting there with her kicks, look at the older girls, good gravy those legs are high

Anderson, crawling over everything, I love this stage with babies, they just want to see what all they can do

The girls getting manis and pedis the day before the wedding

Chrissy threw a fabulous Valentines party for some of the homeschooled kids, we had tons of fun and the kids had way too much sugar!! Valentines were exchanged, goody bags, baking cookies, decorating them, making candy necklaces, playing, playing, playing!!

Little Mama

My last photo of Pawpaw...don't be fooled by his expression, he was probably wondering why I take so many photos all of the time :) This was the weekend before his death that a bunch of us went down to Alexandria to visit and the guys layed out a bunch of concrete to make a dog kennel and sidewalks to it for him.

Our bodyguards

Oh my precious babies....

The photo from a few weeks back of Landon writing his name for the first time with no help, he was so proud, I try and have him do this at least once every other day, Alli's name was so easy, all straight lines, who can't do that? But his name has loops and curves and he is a boy who just could care less ;)