Thursday, February 12, 2009


With a baby that is growing up too fast and two other children I'm finding that space around here is getting smaller and smaller. Every bit of storage space is precious to me and I need more of it!

With three little ones there isn't always the desire to throw together a garage sale not to mention that some of the items I would like to get rid of are a bit too pricey to sell outside anyway.

This new blog of mine will have postings of items that I am trying to sell. If you find anything just email me and we can make arrangements for payment and pickup. Also, if you would like to pay using PayPal I have that option as well. Here is the address:

Please email this link out to friends and family or feel free to add it to the list on your blog. Some things will be big like my first post with camera equipment but other things may be smaller like boxes full of baby/kids clothes that need to go.


Angela said...

Look at you smart girl! Don't forget you could also put that link on craigslist to sell different takes a total of 2 minutes to list something-nothing like Ebay. I sold my camera after it being listed only 48 hours.

Hope all is well. Did you get my e-mail about Alli's valentine?

Melissa said...

Hey...don't happen to have a bunk bed do you? =) Since we are about to move in with Dad, he wants me to find one for Landon. They are pricey! Oh well...that is awesome that you set up that extra blog! Hope it works for you.

Candy said...

I'll be waiting for some baby stuff. :) By the way, do you still have the exercauser? Don't know if I spelled that right or not!