Monday, February 02, 2009

As of January 22, 2009...

{alli with a poem on the last worksheet of her kindergarten curriculum}

Alli has completed Kindergarten!! I am so proud of her, she had done so well with school these past 4 months.

She can do addition and subtraction, she can solve story problems in math and can also find "x" in addition problems. She is reading at a second grade level and loving it...the crazy girl sends text messages, types emails, makes her own cards and writes in cursive. We were watching the news this morning and she said "look, capitol hill" I thought that was funny, but anything and everything is read no matter where we are she is always reading things.

She does not just LOVE school though, which is probably the biggest reason we didn't finish right after Christmas like I thought we would. The work these past few months was pretty simple for her and although the first few weeks of first grade is review and very simple, I am hoping that it will offer some challenges for her. Instead of working out of five books her first grade curriculum comes with 12 study books, 10 readers and her bible reading book as well. Class time will last 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending.

I am still struggling with keeping the boys busy during school time and there are days that it is just plain frustrating and unmanageable and I only hope that it will not take away from Alli's learning in any way.

Landon has not shown any interest in learning what so ever although ever now and then, more then than now :) he will tell me he wants to do his school work but that only lasts 3 minutes...he did however write his name on the white board for the first time the other day and I was screaming I was so proud. Every few days I will show him his name and ask him if he wants to trace over it but all he does is scribbles the letters out with crayon but for some reason on this day he went for it and it turned out beautiful! his "a" kept going around and around but it looked just lovely!


Angela said...



Shell, You are doing a great job. I'm sure that if you talk to most other homeschooling moms they would have the same frustrations as you in keeping the little ones busy during her school time. It will get better. Shell and Alli keep up the good work!

Candy said...

That is so great Michelle!!! :) Ali is so smart and you have done such a great job teaching her! I'm so glad ya'll are enjoying homeschooling so much!

Autumn said...

Yeah Allie and Mom! Its a big accomplishment! It is amazing how well she is doing with the reading and math. Alot of kids are either good at writing and english or good at math and science, and it sounds like she is excelling in both!