Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mother of All Updates!

The time has finally come! UPDATE! It was time, I have been so busy with work, school, vacations, holidays and just here it is, our past month in a few words and photos...oh and just in case you forgot what Ken and I looked like we are pictured above:) and no, I'm not that tall, I'm just standing on the running board of my truck....on to the others...

My oldest boy is just such a stud muffin, he has such a sweet heart and his manners are improving everyday.

Daddy and the older two right before Shogun and the Toby Mac concert

Alli-babe, my girl, for whatever reason she has become ever increasingly lovey all of a sudden, I'm loving it, she has always been so independent and not one to be squeezed for an extra long time, I knew she would come around :)

A couple weekends ago my sister Amy and I threw our soon-to-be sister in-law a Christmas shower. Something different and new for a change. The photos below are from the shower.

Instead of having everyone sign in a wedding guest book we bought this Christmas platter and had everyone sign it instead, what a fun thing to get to take out every year

Better late than never...the following pics are from the state fair back in October. Ken got all into this ride, I would have too, it is my favorite, better known as the tea cups though :)

I took this pretty picture above while Ken, Alli, Landon and I were up in the Ferris wheel

The girls and I have been able to hang out a couple times these past months, bowling was a birthday bash, lots of fun, followed by eating of course, and then we went out again for a Christmas dinner and coffee, but I deleted those photos already after sending them to Walgreens

Just some random photos of the kiddos below...


Candy said...

About time you updated! :) :) :) I loved seeing all the new pics! I might steal a couple of your fair pics! :) I love the one from above!

destiny said...

Thanks for the update--finally! I loved all the pictures!
I'm so jealous you went to Toby Mac! We love him!! When we found out he was in Bossier--we almost came, but Emma Kate's school program was that weekend. We are going to catch him here in Feb at Winter Jam!!
I like the idea of a Christmas shower! How fun!

Angela said...

Awww, pictures of US! I loved the update. The Christmas shower turned out really pretty and I'm sure you sis-in-law had a great time.