Thursday, November 09, 2006


Here is my sweet little niece Livia, at her best, these photos capture the very personality that is her. A bit to her self, a bit timid, but give her something to love on and shes gone! So cute! I'm sure she thinks Shell Shell was born with a lense attatched to one of her eyes.

This storyboard and the one below are both 10x20 in size, they are priced at $75; for more information on storyboards please visit my website at:


Candy said...

The Christmas pictures are adorable! I just hope my kids cooperate tomororw. :)

laura said...

I LOVE the last NOEL storyboard. Very creative & cute!!

Amy said...

Shell you did an amazing job with these pics they are adorable. Thanks for doing this for me I cant wait to order!