Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rhodes, Rhodes & Merrill Families

I loved this session...everyone was in a great mood, all of the pictures went smoothly. We even attempted to set up a black backdrop in
the park, despite the strong winds. Pretty family!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Michelle! These pictures are AWESOME! I love them, seriously! Everyone should be super-pleased with their photos because there is not a bad one.

Things I like (not that it matters but I wish I could comment on each pic)
*I love how the black shirts look with the grass.
*Rhodes kids...great first pic.
*Cute family in general.
*You, my friend! That was awesome that you could catch everyone looking so great.
*Love the Merrill's Christmas card (and pic) what a cool idea!

Really, I could go on about every picture. They were all so good! Good job and Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!

Shell's Mama said...


Very artisic. Beautiful. Very pretty family.
Love Mama