Monday, November 13, 2006


Wow, this was easy! And so fast as well. I am so used to working with kids under four that I forgot how fast a session could be with older kids.

Pretty girl, she came in, sat down, knew exactly what to do. I didn't really have to say a word to her, we were honestly done within two minutes, Wow! It was a nice change for the week. Not too long after Jessica's visit all the challenges began again, which I also find "nice" :) Its what I love doing, getting those babies of yours to look my it! Thanks Jessica for the "break"!

The storyboard "Christmas Cutie" above is a 20x20...$170, but can also be created in a 12x12...$55. This Christmas card directly above is a 5x5...$2, cards can also be custom made in a 5x7, envelopes are included.

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