Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Preschool Choir

Sunday night Alli's preschool choir sang a couple of songs during the first part of the service. So cute. I never really enjoyed watching little kids sing, and pick noses and wedgies on stage, until I had kids of my own. My little baby girl brought a big smile to my face the entire time!


Candy said...

Michelle-you cut off my sweet child's face! Ha!! Do you happen to have any pics that Ethan is included in? My camera wouldn't work that night (found out later the batteries were in wrong....)
Weren't they just too cute singing? I loved it. :)

Anonymous said...

They were sweet! I have got to start bringing Hayden.

laura said...

You should start bringing Hayden! Alli did wonderful, and so did Ethan. I'm very glad that neither of them were standing next to my rebel son!