Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Oh, yes, now I know where this term came from. I'm sure I will be the first to blog about such a topic as the following, but I needed a reason to post Alli's before and after pics of her hair. Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church I found out that Alli had head lice. I was quite upset to say the least. You never think your kid will get it and then they do. They need to create a Lice Vaccine, that would work huh? Any way, I will say I have enjoyed clean sheets every night, its like the Hotel Jenkins (said with a french accent please) over here, except for the complimentary choclate on the pillow. I bet I caught it just before the "hatching" gross I know, but bear with me, because I only found one creepy crawler and about 15 eggs. I haven't seen any since Sunday, but just once was enough for me, I'll be keeping up with room service for the week at least. So here are the pics of my baby with long, flowing beautiful hair, and then her cute little shoulder length cut, which I will add, I did myself. I will be taking her to see a hair dresser next week or so, yes I did cut it with scrapbooking sissors.


Angela said...

Love the new haircut! It is REALLY cute.

Jennifer said...

Should I be worried? I did sleep in her bed Friday night. The hair is adorable though. You were just saying Friday how you wanted to cut it.

Regina said...

I love her new haircut! How did you find the lice? Were you looking for it? BTW-how did you get her to pose so well?