Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things that I love

I was waking up the other morning and stepped out of bed to go about my usual routine and it hit has been a couple months since Landon has slept in the same bed as us. I thought, "I love it!" You know, with Alli she slept with us right up to the point of Landon's arrival. Despite attempts to make her room a big girl room not once, not twice, but three times, it didn't seem to work. But when brother came along we told her that she couldn't sleep in the same bed as brother because she moves too much in her sleep, and that was it. And now both of my babies sleep in there own beds all night long just about every night of the month. So, thats what I love. But wait, theres more... I also love,

Girl Scout Cookies - thin mints, somoas <--even though they tear up the roof of my mouth, then again maybe I'm not suppose to eat that many?
My duck huntin', golf ball drivin', Madden playin', hard workin' man
Laughing until I cry
Chick flicks
My gorgeous babies
Fish tacos
The first soda of the day
My birthday <--October 19th <--hint, hint
Taking pictures <--yes, this is dependent on the subject
A clean house <--well, my clean house, I don't care if yours is messy
Getting together with family
Girls kids
Kens day off
Mountain biking <--if I had a bike or a mountian
Freshly cleaned sheets
New socks <--don't ask
To be the first to use the clean toilet <--Too much info, sorry
Organizing the DVDs in alphabetical order <--this only lasts for 2 days but yes I recieve satisfaction from it
Catching a fish
Watching my little girl dance <--she thinks shes the missing member of the Cheetah Girls
My little boys smile <--yes its goofy because of the way his teeth came in but I am happy to tell you his other top middle tooth is now coming down.
Time alone
A finished scrapbook page

This is just a few, that cute kid of mine is crying so I gotta go..heres so pics, just a freebie...


Angela said...

Let's see how much we have in common. I also love...

Thin Mint Cookies
My birthday
Girls nights
My husband and children
Freshly cleaned sheets
Time alone
Finished scrapbook page

No wonder we're such good friends :).

Regina said...

I love stuff like this! I just like people being positive. I also love everything on your list except fish tacos (maybe I just had bad ones that one time?). Thanks for making me think more about all the wonderful things around me!

Anonymous said...

Hey baby, I know why you love clean socks:) I love hearing what it is that you love. I love fall, the smell of candles burning on a pumpkin lid, Christmas lights, A warm fire, All my babies in one room together with me ( I miss that everyday), Watching my children perform for me. (and they ALL still do it, from the 26yo to the 10yo) Listening to my oldest daughter when she laughs (she laughs like me, and she's funnier than my sister), Reading a good book with a piece of cake and a fresh cup of coffee (oh yeh,) Long drives up in the Sierra Nevada's and sticking my head out the window so I can smell the Pines.
Finally knowing it's gonna be ok when you settle down in a new town, cause after a year, you have made new friends. Love mama xxxxoooo