Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Cubbie Boys

You all probably know by now that I was asked to move from JV girls to Cubbie boys for AWANA. No, it wasn't because they didn't think I was mature enough to be with the junior high girls it was just because they needed a "mom" figure in the room. I happened to get all of my close friends boys. Which is great, or it is now. They are getting used to the fact that when I'm teaching I'm their teacher and not a friend, and when we are outside of AWANA then we can play around. Tonight was great! They all seemed to pay attention to most of what I had to say, they all knew their verses and weekly review verses, then...we had down time. You know time to color their projects and you know burp and the "other". Oh yes, I was at "Little boy bathroom noises" central. The first burp was kind-of funny to me and very very funny to the other boys not burping. Then it seemed as if burps were coming at me from the East and the West. So, Mrs. Michelle put on the serious face and just stared at the ceiling until they were ready to stop. Hayden was the first to say, "I'm being good now", then Sean, "I'm not going to burp like them", and then my precious Dalton, "Well, I'm not done burping and I think Hayden and Sean need to burp some more too!" So then it began again. Honestly, if it were just me, I might have played along with them, but I have a reputation to uphold in that room "My boys will listen to me, don't worry I won't have any problems" <--yeah, I said that. If anyone can get ahold of a diagram that shows an AWANA leader inserting her foot in her mouth, please let me know where I can get a copy ;) I love your boys! Gross noises and all, it makes my time sitting in the kiddie chair that my boo-tay hangs off of more interesting :)


Angela said...

I love this blog! I am so happy that you are in the room with our boys! Sorry about all the burping but when you are a mom of boys you somewhat get used to that. I mean, some moms are proud when their kids can catch a ball, not me, I am proud when I hear Hayden burp the alphabet. Just joking! Really, though, the little boys noises are getting gross. Just wait, even your little Landon (hard to believe as it is) will be doing the same thing one day.

Regina said...

I knew something I would frown at must have happened last night. I kept asking Sean what he did and he just laughed and wouldn't tell me anything. All I knew is he had lots of fun and it was hard to get him to calm down once home!

laura said...

Although I am sorry about the burps, I'm so glad that you are teaching them! And, I'm glad you had such a good class! It would certainly be much harder to teach the boys if you weren't enjoying yourself. Thank you for your leadership.

A note from JV Girls - Chrissy taught the large group time last night, and it was AWESOME!! She did a wonderful job & I think all of the girls really took alot back home from it. CUDOS TO CHRISSY!!! (Although, we still miss you, Michelle!)

prissy chrissy said...

michelle, we do miss you at at jv awana but if you feel that God has called you to the burping boys, i guess you must go where God leads you. you'll be missed, esp. at our sleepover we're planning. (pray for us.)
thanks laura, for your comment about the lesson on wed. i felt like it was really confusing, but so is the subject, jesus is god.

i miss you girls. i feel like a little get away to starbucks again soon. will anyone join me? hmmm, what shall we talk about?