Friday, October 27, 2006

Foster Girls

Yesterday the Foster Girls Three <--thats their band name, came over to visit and we really had a great time. And Sharron is right Sarah as usual did provide the entertainment for the afternoon. The girls all played so well together and were so low maitenance, I even forgot about Landon a couple of times. Yesterday afternoon reminded me of how our playgroups used to be, when we all got together at someones house to visit while the kids played. It was much needed! I am a little weirded out though, that with two photographers in the house not a single pic was taken...riddle me that.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, not one picture? I mean, come on Shell, how can you even blog without a picture. Were you feeling feverish? Faint? What was the problem???

laura said...

Good times! I'm glad the two of you were able to have an "old fashioned" playdate!