Saturday, October 14, 2006

Home Depot Project

This morning I took Alli and Landon (<--not the best idea; Landon that is) to Home Depot to do this Fire truck bank project they had going on. Props to Laura for suggesting it...Thanks! I guess I expected the project to be flimsy and all since everyone else that has fee stuff goes cheap. But it was so nice, the bank was made out of wood, which was made out of a tree <--ok that was just stupid, so stupid I can't even delete it, I'll just share my stupidity with you as a freebie.

Okay moving right along. So Landon is sitting on top of the table while I'm hammering madley away at this truck. I wasn't mad, I was just hammering crazily. Landon might have even gotten a little air with each blow to the nail. Little nails...not good to the fingers. I took a couple for the team lets put it that way. Alli did help a bit, with the punch out parts and placement of the tires, but her interest was over at the trucks. Sparky the fire dog even came out and did the whole high five thing. Then he pulled Landon's sock off which made him cry, you know just to add to my stress free time, why not.

I like the pic Angela took of us on the ground, I didn't even know she was snapping away, so thanks Angela, (I left my camera at home) which was okay, I choose my friends wisley, she is always prepared am I not so always prepared. We are on the ground because driving those nails into thin wood on a table that bounces back at you just doesn't work. <--this tip brought to you in part by the fireman<--that was helping a child who was present with his grandfather. Hello, single woman here, with a restless nine month old, slamming the hammer into my poor little thumb with each try, all the while keeping a smile for Alli's sake. <--but who's complaining, not I. I will have to say my favorite pic, is when we stole some firemans boots and stuck Landon in cute! Laura keep us posted on all upcoming events, we really did have fun, most of this blog was just joke like ya know?


prissy chrissy said...

aaahhhh! i'm so jealous. laura told me about the fire truck home depot thing a couple of weeks ago and i forgot all about it. aj would have loved it.
i was stuck at home hubby-less for the weekend, so it would have been great to go to.
try to think of me next time you all go out for such a fun shin-dig.
i'm glad you all had fun. the pictures are so cute.

laura said...

I'm so glad you (Angela) brought your camera & posted pictures!! I didn't have my camera either, but my sister took some pictures for me. Unfortunately she didn't get pictures of everyone we knew, but I just posted what I had on my blog. I'm really glad that you had fun, Michelle. Dalton and I (& Kaylee) have gone to about 4 or 5 of these workshops, and each time I think I get a little better at following directions & building stuff!! I'm not really seeing a growth in Dalton yet, though :)! Sometimes it just gets too stressful because he just wants to hammer everything instead of following directions. The workshop is actually geared towards 5 yrs and above, but it's still exciting for him. I'll make sure everyone knows about the next one in November.

Candy said...

Looks and sounds like fun! Ethan would have loved it. He threw up yesterday morning, but then was fine the rest of the day. He felt terrible again this morning and then was fine the rest of the day. So... Anyway, glad ya'll had fun!

I now have ya'll bookmarked on Tim's work computer. :) I'm back!

laura said...

Okay, this comment has nothing to do with this blog, but it does relate to the conversation we had at church this evening. I STILL do not see the other pictures of Grace! Either I am blind, or you have way too many pictures on you blog ;) (just kiddin'). Let me know if I have just overlooked it, or if it really isn't there (like I already said). Love ya!!!!

Michelle said...

Laura! It is there!, Angela can be my witness that she has seen it. I even showed Amy the storyboard(ON MY BLOG)when she came over a couple of days ago, her response, "oh thats too cute, you got some good ones of Grace." Were going to have to take this to the mattresses if you keep accusing me of telling a story! ;) I'll email them to you so it will be easier to view and find. I think that they probably got put on a different page because yes, I did have too many pics. You might have to view it under October archives in the right hand column. Anyway, I am sending them via!

Michelle said...

Oh, and I love you too! :)

Candy said...

Alright Michelle,are you taking a blogging break too? I need something good to read!!
By the way, I took the cert. to Gfield today. Thanks!!

Aunt Amy said...

Hey love the pics,my niece & nephew are so adorable and im sure they were better than you give them credit for being!