Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lindsey Kids Storyboard

Hey Laura or Michelle, whoever may be taking a look at this, let me know what you think...if you want the pics in a different order or something else written on the board, I can change whatever just let me know.


laura said...

I like it!! I think it is really cute, and I will try to get Michelle to my house to look at it. Just me, but I think that maybe the order of pictures should be changed to picture #2, then #3, then have #1 last - just the way you have it, but move them all down to the left & have the first picture last. I like the way the last picture is bigger also. But, what do I know...I'm just the aunt!! I'll get Michelle to look & comment so that you can place that order whenever you have the Merrill's (or whoever). Thanks!!

laura said...

Shell, I agree with Laura on the order of the pictures. Justin's name is spelled Alan. Could you put a cute sibling quote on there? Thanks-Michelle