Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A comment on commenting

I have to say I am so impressed, my sister finally decided or figured out, I'm not sure which, anyway..to leave comments! I am so happy, hopefully this will start a trend with the rest of my family on both ends..hint, hint! If you are a blogger yourself you know the joy that comes from recieving comments. So if there is a blog of mine that makes you smile, laugh, or even throw something, please leave a comment, I would so love it..thank you, that is all..oh, unless you don't know how...take a look at the bottom of this here post, you will see something that might say:
0 comments <--with a little pencil next to it, click on that, then in the space provided to the right, make your comment, then choose "other", there it will ask for your name and web address, just type your name, or whatever you want to be called for that comment, i.e. Aunt Amy, now go, leave a comment, bring joy to my internet experience.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Very smart shell. My family never leaves comments and then I think maybe they don't love me enough to even read my blog. When in reality they just haven't figured it out yet. I am sure that's it ;)