Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Daddy's day off

Ken dropped Alli off at school this morning then went on to do a ministry project he does on the streets on his day off now. Landon and I took our time getting ready and then met him at "Buckies" for some caffeene. Landon was a little restless after a couple of hits off my iced mocha but it wasn't too bad...which brings me to add this: Starbucks does not own a highchair, or at least not ours, I think I just might write a letter, not that I'm mad, its just a suggestion. But then again I'm probably the only mom who has thought...I think I'll take my 9 month old out for coffee. So... no letter shall I write.

Anyway, after coffee Ken went to pick up Alli and they met Landon and I back in town for lunch, which was yummy and again a bit distracting, but none the less I enjoyed our time tog
ether. I love family time. We have been so busy lately that we haven't gotten much of it, so it was nice to be together again. After lunch we went to Nana and Pops pond and Ken fished with the kids as best as he could. The weather was so nice this morning, we just assumed it would have stayed that way, but by 1:30pm it was quite warm. Add to that a sleepy and cranky 3 year old, and a 9 month old that had been in a carseat or highchair all day and wanted to be set free...a recipie for bad moods, is what that all was.

We made our hike back about 2:30pm, headed home where the babies went to sleep and Ken and I had free time to
ourselves. It wasn't that bad, and I got some pretty cute pictures, and you all know that makes a bad day good when its all said and done.


Angela said...

Love the backgrounds to your storyboards! The "Women want us, fish fear us" is so funny! Sounds like you had a good day. By the way, I would write a letter to Starbucks. They should have high chairs. Even though it is not a common thing, you would think they would keep one on hand.

Regina said...

Angela stole my comment. Did you come up with that " fear us" on your own?

laura said...

That is really cute. It is nice to spend actual "family time" together. Michael & I see each other every day, but it still seems like we don't spend any time together. It seems like we barely have time to have a conversation. Sometimes, I won't even notice it until we are going to bed and I think, I haven't even asked how his day was or anything!! I'm glad that you guys got to hang out together as a family.

I also think that Starbucks should have at least one highchair - and any other dining/beverage establishment!