Sunday, June 17, 2007

This kid is Diving!

Our little girl is diving off of the edge and off of the diving board! I think we are all equally excited. Any time we are around a pool its the "Alli Show". I was so impressed with the swim classes and what all she obtained from it.

She currently has a waiting list just in case someone drops out, so no open spots as of now, but if you are looking for a swim instructor, we highly recommend Susan Myers. You can call Susan's Dance Studio for more info as far as next year goes.

Alli is swimming above and under water, she can do the "superman" through the water above and under. She can tread water in the deep end for 80 seconds so far without going under. She can stay under water for a total of 10 seconds. She jumps, spins and dives into the deep end. Floats on her back and tummy, and finally, she can swim the back stroke.

So to say the least we were amazed! Or at least I was, all daddy has seen so far are pictures but he can't wait for a swim day next week to witness it all for himself.


destiny said...

Wow, look at her go! She is doing great!

Angela said...

Good girl! She is doing good. Diving is scary!

Candy said...

Wow, she is just growing up this summer! First riding a bike and now swimming!

Laura said...

WOW!!! I'm very impressed! Great job, Alli.