Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Little Bro and I

My younger brother Richy was in town a few weeks ago...we got to spend a couple of weeks with him before he left on his second deployment overseas....what better way to spend your last day with your brother than a late night trip to Bucky's?

Nothing like some late night caffeine to make you act a little {crazy} with a camera...and thank you to those at Starbucks for not kicking us out on this very short lived moment...above: Us striking a pose. (I almost didn't post this because I look a tad bit manly...okay now I'm laughing out loud about the fact that I just drew everyone's attention to my manliness)

We were supposed to be faking smiles here but his looks pretty genuine, and mine you know is fake because I smile with both sets of teeth, top and bottom baby! BUT...this is what my smile looked like all through my high school pics because I was going through a "smile crisis" then...now, I'm just fine smiling the way God made me darn it!

The "Mocha-sip" pose...it doesn't get any more real than this people...

Keep him, all of our soldiers and our country in your prayers, I know it is not as crazy as it was seven years ago, but there are still those in harms way every day, lets not forget about them.


Angela said...

You and Richie look alot alike. I have to say, I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall with your family at Christmas. I KNOW all of ya'll our funny people. I can tell in these pictures.

By the way, I like your manly picture. You look like a model.

Ken Jenkins said...

She's a man, man! Sorry couldn't resist.

Michelle said...

No need to bring Austin Powers into this blog...and didn't you see Angela's comment? A MODEL! That's right!

Kate said...

Adorable. ::sigh:: My Soon-to-Be In-laws are so adorable.

destiny said...

Awww, how fun!! I think Alli looks a lot like him!!! The last pic in the post right before that one and the first one of him on this post (wow...was that confusing?)---Just Alike!!!
I'm glad you got to spend some good quality time with him.

Anonymous said...

My babies and grand babies are so beautiful. I love you all so much.

Betty said...

Your brother look so much to one of my friends in Kansas, when i saw the first picture I though how do you know Mateo?
anyway, I am glad that you got to spent some time with him before his deployment, for sure evernight all our prayers go to our soldiers and families waiting for them to come back.