Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos from this past week

Anderson asleep with daddy on the couch...a lazy football Saturday

Alli doing her schoolwork

Both of my boys sleep like this, with their hands behind their head, it is so cute

We have had perfect weather to get the bikes out, but don't make the mistake of calling this a bike, Landon will quickly correct you and make certain you understand that it is a motorcycle

I love watching Alli ride her bike, she loves it and wants to anytime we go outside, she will hop on that thing even if we are getting ready to load up into the car, she will ride it up and down the drive way, there is just enough time for her to do it before we notice and yell at her to put it back in the garage :)

I can't believe he actually stood still long enough for me to snap this, such a stud muffin

My girl and her toothless grin...after loosing just one she is so hesitant to having us even wiggle the other loose ones...she is afraid that we are just going to rip them out, poor thing

And Anderson helping Mommy make cookies, gotta love that Bumbo!

I need to make note of the following just for my self because I don't want to forget:

Today at Nana and Pop's house Landon came out of the bathroom...

Landon: "Mommy, Mommy! I went Poo Poo!"
Me: "Yea, I love a pooper!"

Then Livy came down the hallway:

Livy: "Shell Shell!"
Me: "What did you go poo poo too?"
Livy: (in a very excited manner, holding up her hand) "No, I wiped him!"

Oh what a laugh we all got, you can't buy moments like that


Ken Jenkins said...

That Landon kid is cute. He cracks me up using such big words for a two year old just like Alli used to do. He told me I was disgusting and says actually all the time. He is hilarious. I wish we lived somewhere so Alli could ride her bike more and we didn't have to worry if she was in the street or not.

Candy said...

HMMM...I know a street where a house is for sale that would be a perfect place for Alli to ride her bike! :) :) Wouldn't that be FUN if we could all live in the same neighborhood? :)
Your kids are precious as always! I loved the poop story, very funny!

destiny said...

I love that story!!! SO funny! These pictures are beautiful of the kids!! They are so sweet!

I wish I was still there so I could enter your giveaway drawing! :(