Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nature Hike

Ken has been really into taking the kids on adventures lately. On Saturdays he makes us all beignets and then we take off to somewhere that is fun and new. The things he plans for them are very inexpensive or free. They love it! They know that Saturdays are our family day. Last Saturday Alli and I had a birthday party and then I had to work for the next six hours after that. Even being without the "Mama" didn't stop him from taking ALL 3 of the kids out and about with him. I'm proud of you honey, thank you for being such a great daddy!

We headed to Blanchard on this day...Ken and the kids ended up hiking over 3 miles! I didn't do quite that because the baby got hungry...saved by the bell I guess :) I can't remember the name of the park we were at but Ken may. They also had a small indoor museum as well. Some things they had were hands on others were just to look at, if you can get past the old musty smell it was pretty cool discovery place. (all I could think about while we were in there was the smell though) :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun idea and something Steven and I would like to do. Find out the name of it and let me know! Thanks for sharing. Ken is a great dad!

Ken Jenkins said...

The park was Walter B. Jacobs. They had over 5 miles of hiking trails through the woods. Bridges, and every tree you can imagine with signs telling you what they are. It was a great time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken for the name of the park. Sounds really cool. We'll definitely go there! We like walking trails and short hikes.